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Flexshield Splash Screen
Flexshield Splash Screen.

Initial project requirements:

Australian company Watertec have designed, supplied and maintained water treatment equipment for more than 25 years. Watertec pride themselves as industry leaders, helping their clients to improve their environmental performance. Their services provide benefits including:

  • Cleaner water and air
  • Improved water quality through reduction, recycling and reuse of water in production and other processes
  • Reductions in greenhouse gases resulting from energy efficiency improvements, and
  • Reduced solid waste generation and hazardous materials exposure.

When the Watertec team were installing a new chemical storage tank for a client, they experienced some minor construction issues, including potential burst pipes and splashes. This caused some concerns for personnel, since a burst chemical pipe could spray staff with chemicals.

Naturally Watertec wanted to avoid staff injury and site shutdowns. They needed a solution that would meet compliance standards and be installed within a tight timeframe.

Thanks to their 15+ years of experience in contamination control, Flexshield was Watertec’s only choice for advice on how to protect their staff.

Project challenges:


Flexshield solution:

From the first point of contact, Flexshield’s contamination control specialists provided Watertec with peace-of-mind. The Flexshield team worked with Watertec to design and manufacture SonicClear PVC contamination control screens to Watertec’s requirements.

The project proceeded rapidly; in fact, the process from an initial phone call right through to delivery to site took just two weeks.


Thanks to Flexshield’s SonicClear PVC screens, there is no longer a risk that Watertec staff will be contaminated. The project has continued without the fear of staff injury or site shutdowns.

Watertec is comfortable in the knowledge that their team – and their client’s team – are now safe in their work environment. They are compliant with all regulations, and there is no potential for chemical splashes.

For more information about PVC screens for your facility, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.


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