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JRS Weldflex Strip Curtain and V100 Sonic System
JRS Weldflex Strip Curtain and V100 Sonic System.

Initial project requirements:

JRS Manufacturing Group provides unsurpassed quality and project delivery of heavy plate manufactured projects for businesses across South East Queensland and the Western Corridor.

JRS Manufacturing Group has been in the industry for over 20 years, and their products adhere to Australian standards ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

JRS was setting up a new building for fabrication and required a custom-built welding bay set up – in their existing building; they were using mobile screens. Adding fixed welding bays allows for more time to focus on projects and deliver quality products for customers.

Project challenges:

JRS Manufacturing Group were seeking to streamline the workspace for productivity and safety.

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield’s experience in creating welding bays provided JRS with the confidence to work with us to help build their new workspace. Flexshield has over 15 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing custom made welding bays.

JRS selected two Flexshield standard products Sonic System V100 Acoustic Panel and WeldflexTM Strip Curtains. Flexshield and the client worked together to come up with a custom design and layout to meet their fabrication requirements. To achieve the results, we conducted several face to face meetings and site inspections at the new location throughout the project. Meeting on-site helps Flexshield to understand how the business operates, leading to the perfect design solution for the company.

The final solution for JRS:

  • 12 x Welding Bays 4700mm x 8000mm deep x 2300 mm high and
  • 5 x Welding Bays 4500 mm wide x 6000 mm deep x 2000 mm high.

The design phase of any project is where the majority of time is dedicated. When Flexshield received sign off for the design, it took six weeks for manufacture to install.

Given this is a new build, the clients will experience the benefits of the bays immediately. When they move to their building, they are ready to continue business as usual.