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Flexshield acoustic louvres
Flexshield acoustic louvres at Australian Technology Park, Sydney

Initial project requirements:

The Australian Technology Park (ATP) is a business and technology centre in Eveleigh, an inner-city suburb about 3 km south of the Sydney CBD. ATP primarily houses start-up hi-tech companies, especially biotech firms, and spin-offs from university research.

The Park is designed to allow researchers to be located alongside companies with the capital and expertise to commercialise them.

When the park wanted new chillers and air conditioning units installed, they foresaw the possibility of noise issues with their neighbours.

Even though the Park is surrounded by commercial businesses and not residential properties, they wanted to address the potential noise issue before it became a bigger problem.

Since they didn’t know what the noise levels would be, they took a proactive approach and contacted Flexshield to look into the problem.

Flexshield solution:

Working for a subcontractor, Flexshield supplied and installed acoustic louvres with a 300 mm base width.

One difficult challenge of the job was the need to reduce noise while still allowing airflow around the air conditioning units to ensure their efficiency. This would be particularly crucial in summer when the load on the units increases.

On the other hand, the task was made easier since the surrounding buildings were of a similar height, meaning the enclosure could be left open at the top.

To facilitate access Flexshield incorporated an acoustic louvre swing door, which only needed to be wide enough to allow entry for personnel. The enclosure’s open-top allowed the air conditioners and chillers to be installed by crane.

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