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Providing acoustic protection for aged care residents and staff


Aged care noise control




Eventide Home


Rockhampton, QLD

Fireproof block wall between the generator and the electrical board
Fireproof block wall between the generator and the electrical board.

Initial project requirements:

Eventide Home Rockhampton provides residential aged care accommodation in two formats:

  • Courts: two units making up a 30-bed psychogeriatric, behaviour and dementia high care residential unit
  • Lodges: three units making up 50-bed general high care residential units

When they needed a backup power system, Eventide Home installed a high-powered diesel generator in the centre of the facility. Unfortunately, this solution presented challenges of its own.

Noise has detrimental impacts on most people, but is extremely harmful to the behaviour of people living with dementia and other mental conditions. Clearly, in a nursing home where dementia sufferers live, there was a critical need to reduce the amount of noise from the generator.

The aged care team commissioned a fireproof block wall between the generator and the electrical boards and fuel storage on the other side. But a concrete wall has little or no sound absorbing properties.

Eventide Home knew they needed a better solution to control noise from their newly installed generator.

Flexshield solution:

The Flexshield team used our Sonic System Econo Panel to line the blast proof block wall and absorb noise from the diesel generator. The panel was installed against the blockwork and capped with flashings, with the perforated side facing the source to absorb the noise.

Flexshield Sonic System acoustic panel is an ideal noise control solution to use either indoors or for exterior applications. The product is designed to handle Australia’s formidable temperature highs and lows.

As a modular pre-finished acoustic panel system, Sonic System Econo Panels are fast and easy to install. Overall they offered an optimal noise control solution for the aged care facility.


Sonic System acoustic panels’ construction is designed to withstand all types of weather and significantly reduce the noise emitted by the aged care home’s generators. The result is a more comfortable living space for Eventide Home residents.

For more information about acoustic enclosures for your facility, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.