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Sonic Curtain and Sonic Clear Curtains combine to provide noise control


Concrete repairs on a jetty




Freyssinet Australia


Western Australia

Kwinana bulk jetty
Kwinana bulk jetty

Initial project requirements:

Freyssinet Australia is a multifaceted contractor providing innovative solutions from design through to implementation for specialist civil engineering, building post-tensioning and remediation.

Freyssinet were doing concrete repairs under a jetty using a process called lancing, (very noisy) when a ship was at berth on the pier the noise was bouncing up and affecting the jetty staff above, they tried enclosing the platform with a competitors curtains. The results were not what Freyssinet needed to continue working.

Project challenges:

Freyssinet could only complete the concrete repairs under the jetty when there was no ship at berth, limiting their work time to a few hours a day. The first curtains they were using not only blocked the natural light, limiting when they could work even further but they did not reduce the noise emissions enough.

The client required a solution that lowered noise levels above the jetty, allowed natural light in the enclosure, was easy to set up or pack up and is readily available for purchase/ hire.

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield responded based on an acoustic report of the process, meaning we could guarantee results. To achieve this, we involved our AcousTech engineer and our Western Australian Business Development Manager.

We recommended using a hybrid of our Sonic Curtain and our Sonic Clear Curtains. Given the clients previously poor experience with noise control, we suggested a trial where the client hired the sonic curtains and bought the clear curtains.

The trial was a success. It worked out that a four-sided enclosure using 24 sonic curtains with four sonic clear curtains, one for each side of the enclosure to allow light in, would achieve the required goal.

From initial contact to initial order was a total of 4 days, from order to delivery of the first trial curtains took 3 hours. The sonic clear curtains went on overnight delivery and turned up within two days.

The acoustic curtains resulted in the noise being reduced to 84-86dB, which has been accepted by the client.” Gerard Walshe

The noise reduction was noticeable straight away, and they were able to work standard hours and not be hindered by port operations.

The addition of our customised Sonic Curtain and Sonic Clear Curtains enclosure allowed for Freyssinet to increase work hours resulting in increased turnover, increased opportunity in noise-sensitive areas creating a positive experience for Freyssinet.

If you have a tricky area needing noise control, our expert team is here to help you devise a unique solution. Contact us today for your custom noise solution.