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Sonic System Acoustic Welding Bays


Sonic System Acoustic Welding Bays




ADCO Construction



Flexshield Sonic System Welding Bay
System modular panels create a free-standing three-sided open front booth system.

Initial project requirements:

Architects Billard Leece Partnership specified Sonic System Acoustic Welding Bays in the initial design for VSBA projects. Following the specification to ensure compliance ADCO used Flexshield Sonic System Acoustic Welding Bays.  

VSBA is an ambitious project by the Victorian Government to build 100 new schools across Victoria. ADCO, one of the oldest and most established constructions companies in Australia, solidified itself as the Builder of Choice; winning contracts for the 2020 New Schools project. Elevation Secondary College is part of the VSBA development.   

Flexshield Sonic System Acoustic Welding Bays are in 15 other VSBA projects throughout Victoria.  Flexshield Welding bays reduce noise levels and also improve the health and safety of students and teachers by protecting against welding flash and exposure to hot sparks.  

Project challenges:

Welding Bay fit-outs are a must for metalwork processes. Metalwork lessons are disruptive, causing communication issues and poor learning outcomes. Excessive noise can create safety issues and can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. 

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield’s solution Sonic System welding bays use V50 and V225 Sonic System modular panels to create a free-standing three-sided open front booth systemWeldflex 2mm thick Strip Curtains are across the front face of the bays. The inner surface of the panel is perforated, which absorbs noise within the bays, lowering the overall work-shop noise levels. Weldflex Strip Curtains allow access into the bays without the need to open and close a curtain; push through the curtain and the strips fall back in place. This feature improves health and safety as the curtains cannot be accidentally left open.   

Heavy-duty welding tables and electrical safety mats are also in the bays.  

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