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Sonic System Panels for a Safe Workshop!


Noise concerns




Abcor Pty Ltd



Acoustic Bays
Flexshield tailor-made acoustic bays for Abcor, the bays are in a series of cubicles to separate the welding and grinding process from the workshop.

Initial project requirements:

Noise levels in metal fabrication workshops are typically between 80-125dB(A). Any level above 85dB(A) can cause irreversible hearing loss.

In metal fabrication workshops there are a number of noise sources, including welders, angle grinders, metal presses, cutting saws, hammering and bashing. Noise levels in these workshops normally range between approximately 80-125dB(A). Science proves that any noise level above 85dB(A) can cause hearing loss, and an unprotected worker can only be safely exposed to this level for 8 hours. An increase of only 3dB, to 88dB(A), halves the safe exposure time to only 4 hours, and a further increase to 91dB(A) causes the worker to be in jeopardy after only 2 hours!

Project challenges:

Noise-induced hearing loss in this industry is a very real and common health risk. In many cases, it is ignored until it is too late and irreversible industrial deafness has occurred.

High noise levels also create other risks in the workplace. Excess noise could result in a worker not hearing a warning bell or an evacuation alarm. It could mean someone doesn’t hear a forklift or a truck behind them. It could mean they don’t hear their colleague shouting a warning or calling for help. So much is at risk through not controlling workplace noise and action must be taken to reduce this risk or, ultimately, remove it completely.

Government standards are in place which companies must adhere to, but it’s not only about complying with the law. Employers have a duty of care for their employees and must be responsible and considerate for the health and safety of their staff, the surrounding community and the environment.

Flexshield solution:

Well-known engineering company, Abcor Pty Ltd, has a large metalworking shop incorporating a series of boilermaker, welding and grinding bays. Abcor approached Flexshield as the noise levels in their workshop were of dangerous level – to both the physical and emotional health of their staff and clients visiting the workshop.

Flexshield tailor-made Acoustic Bays in a series of cubicles to separate the welding and grinding process from the rest of the workshop. The Acoustic Bays were constructed from Sonic System Panels and fitted with Rapid Roll Doors with Acoustic vision panels to meet Abcor’s specific requirements.

The benefits of Sonic System Panels are many and varied:

  • Can be cut to any size
  • Are prefabricated
  • Are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Are available in a wide range of design styles, thicknesses and acoustic performances
  • Are fireproof and will not support combustion
  • Are backed by full NATA Attenuation and Absorption test certificates
  • Use a simple ‘click together’ system for quick and easy installation
  • Can be disassembled for rearrangement or relocation

After investing in Flexshield’s Acoustic Bays, Abcor benefited from significant noise reduction in their workshop. This reduction ensured the protection of visiting clients and allowed staff to continue operations in a safer, more ergonomically pleasant work environment.

Sonic System Panels are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including rooms, enclosures, walls and mobile barriers. Flexshield’s Noise Control Solutions also include a broad variety of other high-quality products for unparalleled noise reduction.

As Australian industry becomes increasingly aware of the impact of noise on staff members, clients and the surrounding community and environment, measures must be taken to ensure that business standards are met, WHS criteria are followed, and government legislation is complied with.

Law must be adhered to, and employers must be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their staff. Contact Us today to ensure your staff are safe, and your business is not liable.