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WeldflexTM Strip Curtain Supply


Supply of WeldflexTM Strip Curtains







Flexshield WeldflextTM Strip Curtains
Flexshield WeldflexTM strip curtains arrive in kit form ready to install with easy to follow installation instructions.

Initial project requirements:

Maskill is a national manufacturing company based in Toowoomba QLD – since its inception, Maskill has grown to be Australia’s largest and most experienced undercarriage solution provider. Supplying clients, such as BHP and Rio Tinto.

Producing and rebuilding tracks for dozers, excavators, and shovels for clients throughout Australia requires expensive machinery and high standards with little to no tolerances in processes.

Maskill approached Flexshield to fabricate a solution for their facility – as Flexshield operates a lean manufacturing process and maintains a high standard – we were a perfect fit with Maskills business model.

Maskill was making improvements to their Toowoomba facility which required the addition of a welding area to build and maintain dozer, excavator and shovel tracks. Given their expertise in manufacturing, they did not require steelwork – just the supply of the strip and fixings. Flexshield WeldflexTM strip curtains adhere to Australian standards (compliant to AS/NZS 3957:2014 Standards) and are Kanga certified.

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield supplied in kit-form WeldflexTM strip curtains to create safe welding bays that allowed easy access for both pedestrians and large equipment.

Weldflex™ strip curtains do not rely on the “human element” to close curtains when welding. Free hanging welding strips will reliably fall back in place regardless of what goes through them.

Pedestrian traffic was not the only traffic to go into the bays at times larger equipment enters for maintenance or manufacture.  Therefore, the team at Maskills fabricated swinging “gate” style headrails to support the curtains, meaning they could swing out of the way whenever large items had to enter/exit the bays.

A further range of benefits from WeldflexTM strip curtains include:

  • Compliance – WeldflexTM is tested to and complies with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3957:2014) regarding light-transmitting screens and curtains for all welding operations.
  • Safety – WeldflexTM offers a heat resistant protective shield to protect bystanders from sparks and splatter.
  • Productivity – WeldflexTM strips do not need to be manually opened or closed, saving time, and increasing productivity.
  • Ease of Installation – WeldflexTM arrives in kit form ready to install with easy to follow installation instructions.
  • They are made in Australia – shorter lead times of only one week even for tailor-made curtains.
  • Peace of Mind – WeldflexTM is the only welding curtain in the world to have a 10-year warranty.
  • Longevity – WeldflexTM strip is virtually indestructible, and even if a strip is damaged, the individual strip is replaceable rather than the whole curtain.
  • Hard-wearing – Stainless steel strip fixings hold each strip in such a way that they will not fatigue or weaken, ensuring a long life even in high traffic doorways, and keeping the strips hanging straight with the correct overlaps.
  • Optional Installation – Flexshield has a nationwide network of project managers and installers, all thoroughly trained and licenced tradesmen, with appropriate insurance, OHS procedures, and industry-specific certificates.