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Acoustic treatment improves working conditions at power station


Wivenhoe Power Station


Utilities – Power Generation


CS Energy


Wivenhoe, Queensland

Wivenhoe Power Station
Flexshield V100 acoustic panel and Rw46 acoustic door.

Initial project requirements:

Operated by CS Energy, Wivenhoe Power Station is a hydropower generating system located approximately 50 km west of Brisbane. The power station cycles water between the Splityard Creek Dam and Wivenhoe Dam.

The only pumped hydroelectric storage plant in Queensland, Wivenhoe also has two of the largest hydro machines in Australia, complete with 285 MW generators. The power station turbine room generates high noise levels, which created an uncomfortable working environment for the adjacent offices.

Thanks to our existing strong relationship, having worked on the Kogan Creek Power Station, CS Energy turned to Flexshield for a suitable acoustic solution.

Flexshield solution:

Our AcousTech senior acoustic project engineer visited the power station site to conduct an acoustic assessment and design the solution. They recommended treating the existing office with high-density V100 Sonic System modular acoustic panel facing the perforations into the room.

Flexshield also replaced the current non-acoustic cold room doors with high performance Sonic Access Rw46 acoustic doors. Noise levels were further reduced by adding Nude White Calando Panels (from our commercial acoustics company Avenue Interior Systems) to the ceiling.


Flexshield’s solution has created a more comfortable working environment, allowing workers to better communicate and improving the number of sick days lost due to noise fatigue.

For more information about noise control solutions for utilities, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.