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Construction Site Noise Barriers: Maximising Efficiency

Just hearing the word construction site, you automatically think noise....

Just hearing the word construction site, you automatically think noise. Noise from:

  • Concrete cutters
  • Concrete pumps
  • Jackhammers
  • Generator sets powering your site

Too much noise from the worksite could lead to a visit from the EPA. Meaning you need to order temporary noise barriers to comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1986.


Flexshield noise barriers – also known as acoustic curtains, noise blocking curtains, temporary construction blankets, soundproof fencing and even yoga mats have been NATA-tested (AS ISO 354-2006), and proven to provide 26dBA reduction at 1000Hz.

Our clients ask us the best way to position their acoustic curtains to get the best results.

Some configurations our customers question us about include:

  • doubling the construction noise barriers to make them twice as thick
  • using them over the TOP of the noisy equipment as well as the sides
  • butting them hard up against the noisy generator and
  • creating a massive wall of noise blankets.


We will provide more detail about the above solutions in greater detail throughout the blog.


Firstly, one of the more interesting questions we regularly get asked is:

Does it make a difference to angle/ tilt the noise barriers down?

Great question.

The acoustic shadow will increase if the soundproof curtains are set up cranked in an “r” shape. That is, the top barrier is tilted down to be like a partial roof

The “r” shape needs to be situated near the noise source to increase the shadow by capturing the soundwaves that are otherwise heading over the wall.

Even though the crank might only add, 400mm to the overall height of the combined noise curtains, it has added the equivalent shadow of a much higher vertical wall.

The closer the cranked wall is to the noise source, the more effective it will be; move it 4 or 5 metres away, and it won’t make a great deal of difference.

However, placing the noise barrier close to the concrete pump or generator is not always practical, or even possible on a busy construction site, working with limited space.

It may be that you have to accommodate foot or vehicle traffic for access, and you can’t position the sound curtains as close the noise source as you would like.


What are the pros and cons of reducing construction site noise by mounting a noise blanket over the top of the equipment?

In noise-sensitive areas such as a construction site next to a high-rise residential complex, a blanket over the top of the equipment is a good option — especially if the acoustic shadow needs to extend high up.

It would work particularly well when you are dealing with a fixed asset such as a generator set where refuelling and plugging in various pieces of equipment are the only issues.

On most construction sites where things will move around as the job progresses, a temporary/relocatable solution will be the only answer, and that’s where a ‘cage’ or another setup with noise blankets over the top can reduce construction site noise to the desired levels.

Most situations will require your soundproofing solution to be temporary/relocatable. However, you may need a noise control solutions for your finished project. Such as acoustic louvres for air conditioning units. Flexshield can assist with this solution, as well.


Using ‘double thickness’ noise blocking curtains doesn’t double the noise attenuation!

At first glance, you might think that by using two temporary noise barriers back-to-back, the result will be double the soundproofing.

Unfortunately, this will not provide the result you are chasing.

The double layer of noise curtains reduced construction site noise by and additional 3 dB, not double the amount.

The small difference could be all you need to achieve the recommendations from the EPA.

In most cases, where the construction noise is well over the limit, you will need a different strategy.

Flexshield can work with you to devise the perfect soundproofing strategy for your construction site.


Adding height to your soundproofing solution can increase the acoustic shadow.

In most applications, two-metre-high soundproof curtains hung on temporary fences closely surrounding the noisy tool or equipment is all it takes to bring noise levels down to acceptable levels.

However, it some cases that won’t be enough to comply with regulations and more substantial construction may be needed.

Where there is a lot of nearby residential homes and apartments, it might be necessary to create a much larger acoustic shadow by using scaffolding to increase the height of the noise wall.

We can custom make your solution to any height you need. Remember, the higher you go, the more stress and strain you will put on the framework, so consult an engineer.

The construction site soundproofing will all depend on the quality of the noise barriers. Flexshield’s noise blocking curtains are more efficient because they aren’t merely sound barriers – we incorporate noise absorption properties in every sonic curtain.

There are a few ways to make the most of noise barriers on a construction site.

For more information on how to solve your construction site noise concern, please call the Flexshield team on 1300 799 969 or click here to contact us.