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Flexshield acoustic enclosure

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Noise control is a genuine problem for many Australians, especially...

Noise control is a genuine problem for many Australians, especially industrial workers working in a noisy environment. These workers not only experience decreased production levels and more distractions at work, but they also experience severe health issues. These health issues have long term impacts.

Excessive noise causes a range of problems including Industrial Deafness and Tinnitus. There are different reasons for soundproofing your workplace to make it a more pleasant place to work as well as safer on everyone’s health.

It is essential to install noise control in areas of the workplace where noise is above the National Standard for Occupational Noise. To maintain productivity in the workplace and minimise the number of sick days, due to illness related to hearing loss the common practice is to meet or exceed the standards

Hearing loss from industrial employment is common in Australia. To minimise the risk of hearing loss to those in industrial jobs increasing the government has stepped in. The government has set maximum rates at which noise levels are acceptable. If the noise levels in your workplace exceed these levels, it is imperative to include some soundproofing in your workplace. Those employers who do not ensure their facilities meet requirements and install the proper soundproofing to protect its employees put themselves at risk for legal issues.


Types of Sound Proofing

There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to soundproofing your industrial workplace.

Acoustic Enclosures– an acoustic enclosure is one of the best options available where you need to control noise from a specific source. Tailor-made for your unique application and process, acoustic enclosures design is unique to your business’s particular requirements for access, operation and maintenance, ventilation, ease of installation, and improved efficiency.

Acoustic Curtains – in large areas that require maximum soundproofing acoustic curtains are an excellent choice since they not only make the area soundproof, but they also absorb into the curtain, giving you further protection from excessive noise. The main benefit of acoustic curtains is how easy they can be moved or changed. Acoustic curtains are not a permanent solution.

Mobile Soundproof Panels – for areas with mild noise problems, mobile acoustic panels are soundproofing for soundproofing that area. These panels can be easily moved from workspace to workspace, making them the perfect choice in areas where the noise source is movable. The movable acoustic panels make it easy to find the ideal place to ensure proper soundproofing by moving around until you experience the least amount of noise possible.

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