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What do I need to know When Buying a Welding Screen?

Don’t know which Welding Screens to buy? Check off these...

Don’t know which Welding Screens to buy? Check off these three steps, and you can’t go wrong.

3 Steps for the Smart Welding Screen Buyer

Before you buy any welding screen, it’s essential to do your research. There are three steps you should take before buying, especially online, particularly from an overseas manufacturer.

  1. Find out whether the screens adhere to AS/NZS 3957:2014
  2. Ask your supplier if welding screens have had testing independently. If so, ask to see the test results.
  3. Look into the warranty. Does the screen have a ten-year guarantee of safety, performance and dependability?

If the welding screens you are looking at don’t satisfy these three steps – then take your business elsewhere.

If you do buy these screens, you will save money in the short term, but because they are an inferior product, it may cost you money in the long run, in terms of replacement costs and – worst-case scenario – worker’s compensation.

Many companies don’t know where to start when it comes to buying welding screens. The most important thing buyers must look out for is AS/NZS 3957:2014 conformance and certification. Or Kanga Certification.


All Welding Screens are NOT the same.

Many welding screens on the market are similar in appearance and marked as “Welding Grade” however, they have no supporting evidence, independent test results or current certification.

Typical screen colours that do not pass NATA testing include bronze, yellow, blue and some green screens.

There are many hazards associated with non-conforming screens that leave employers open to compensation claims and litigation. The main problem is these screens do not adequately protect welders and nearby workers against dangerous radiation and welder’s flash.

Flexshield’s WeldflexTM Curtains are fully compliant with AS/NZS 3657:2014 and 3rd Party Independent Certification. Each screen or curtain has a guarantee for its safety, performance and dependability with a Kanga Certificate.


Any questions or queries? Download our welding screen product safety advice or contact our expert team.