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Flexshield SonicClear Washbay Screen

Maximising Mining Equipment Lifespan with Flexshield Wash Bay Screens

Working in the mining sector requires heavy machinery such as...

Working in the mining sector requires heavy machinery such as drills, bulldozers, loaders, crushers, and conveyors. These machines are constantly in contact with the earth and mud, which makes regular cleaning and maintenance essential. Clean mining vehicles help extend their lifespan, prevent rust, reduce scheduled maintenance times, and promote equipment longevity.

Mining Safety

While all mining staff receive training before starting work, maintenance is not always emphasised. Properly maintaining equipment is crucial for worker safety, particularly given the unique design of mining equipment. Workers should take special care during the maintenance and repair of machinery to avoid accidents.

Importance of Equipment Maintenance

Mud, dirt, and grit are unavoidable in the mining industry. However, dirty equipment has a much higher risk of breaking down, which can lead to production halts. Regular cleaning using the correct cleaning products is therefore essential.

Flexshield Wash Bays

A high-quality wash bay screen from Flexshield is a must-have for every mine site. Each wash bay screen is custom designed to meet the exact needs of the client. Flexshield often uses its 2mm thick SonicClear PVC product to design the wash bay screen. The SonicClear PVC screen can contain flying mud chunks, water, and debris in the wash-down area.

Flexshield Solutions

Flexshield offers a range of solutions for wash bay screens, including fixed or sliding screens, various heights and widths, and even motorised options. Anchor straps, chain weights, and hook and loop strips keep the wash bay stable and prevent wastewater or chemicals from spilling below the wash bay screen.

Environmental Protection

The heavy-duty wash bay screens provide peace of mind by ensuring that contaminated vehicles are safely cleaned without wastewater escaping into other areas. Water from mining vehicles is often contaminated with chemicals, posing a significant environmental danger.

Compliance with Regulations

Vehicle wash-down may seem like a simple operation, but strict rules govern the design of wash-down bays and the control of wastewater. Local water authorities can impose penalties and even shut down facilities that do not comply with regulations. It is important to be aware of wastewater rules in your area.

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