Flexible Noise Barriers

Flexible noise barrier in a factory

Flexible PVC noise barriers Enclose or isolate noisy machines and equipment Flexshield PVC noise barriers suit almost every noise control requirement by stopping transmission and absorbing some of the vibration energy. Flexible noise barriers can combine a variety of Flexshield PVC products, such as SonicClear and loaded vinyl products. The products can include penetrations for […]

Acoustic Attenuators and Silencers

Flexshield Custom Fabricated Attenuator

Custom-made noise reduction for machinery Industrial fans, blowers and compressors create large amounts of noise, which may not meet industry standards and could even cause permanent hearing damage to your employees. Industrial acoustic attenuators help reduce the noise emitted from this machinery, while allowing free air movement. As with all Flexshield products, our acoustic attenuators […]

Acoustic Louvres

Sonic Series acoustic louvre enclosure

Flexshield Acoustic Louvres – Reduce noise while allowing ventilation Flexshield Sonic Series acoustic louvres keep noise levels down without sacrificing ventilation. In some instances, noise control can hinder the performance of the machine you are trying to silence. For example, if the ventilation around noisy machines is compromised, it can lead to high temperatures that […]

SonicSorber Acoustic Soundproof Foam Panels

Acoustic Foam (soundproof foam) in an Engine Testing Room

Exceptional sound absorption with outstanding fireproofing SonicSorber is a sound-absorbing acoustic soundproofing foam panel, consisting of a unique acoustically tuned fireproof sound-absorbing facing over an environmentally friendly acoustic foam sheet. The facing is neither ignitable nor flammable, and has high-temperature resistance of up to 550ºC. Traditional fireproof facing materials have few acoustic properties in comparison […]

Acoustic Enclosures

acoustic enclosure

Custom-made noise control for machinery and equipment An acoustic enclosure is the ideal solution for controlling noise from a specific source. Each acoustic enclosure uses a different combination of Flexshield industrial noise control and screening solutions. The acoustic enclosure design is unique for each client’s application and has NATA accreditation. Products we may select from […]

Sonic Access Acoustic Soundproof Doors

Acoustic soundproof Doors installed

Maximum noise control for industrial settings Flexshield’s Australian-made NATA accredited Sonic Access soundproof doors are high spec acoustic doors. They are ideal for use in industrial settings such as: Machine room and acoustic enclosures. Plant and equipment storage facilities. Audiometric rooms and acoustic laboratories. Control rooms. Personnel access doors. Manufacturing facilities. Pump stations. What are […]

Sonic Acoustic Curtains

Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Curtains on a Fence.

Sonic Acoustic Curtains are soundproof curtains and screens that provide maximum noise reduction. They achieve superb levels of soundproofing by combining sound barrier and noise absorption products into one flexible soundproof acoustic curtain panel. Why choose a Sonic Acoustic Curtain? Versatile. Achieve government-regulated decibel time exposure. Easy disassembly and assembly. Indoor and outdoor use. Easy to […]

Fume Control Curtains

Flexshield PVC Screen for Fume Control

Protect employees from odours and fumes Flexshield PVC strip doors, PVC swing doors, and PVC sheet curtains are ideal for controlling fumes and other airborne pollutants. Made from the most durable UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials, our PVC fume control curtains and barriers cater for unhindered access for machines or personnel, and are easy to […]

Mobile Soundproof Panels

Mobile Acoustic soundproofing Panels

Sonic System acoustic mobile soundproofing panels The flexibility of moveable soundproof panels Flexshield’s Sonic System acoustic mobile panels are the ultimate in convenience and flexibility for your industrial facility. They reduce noise levels and help you meet Workplace Health & Safety regulations. Flexshield custom-makes acoustic mobile panels to suit your business’s requirements. You can choose […]

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels

Soundproof acoustic Panel

A versatile, easy-to-install soundproofing solution Sonic System acoustic panels (modular soundproofing panels) are prefabricated and can be cut to suit your individual project’s exact application size requirements. Their modular tongue and groove style makes them easy to install and cover large areas in a short timeframe. The sound insulation panels are lightweight, easily handled, and […]

Sonic Acoustic Walls

acoustic wall

Flexible solutions to absorb, reflect, and attenuate noise Sonic acoustic walls are a practical way to reduce highway, railway, and industrial noise, without changing the noise source. When structures are within proximity to residential or office buildings, a sonic acoustic wall will reduce noise pollution. The sonic acoustic wall’s design absorbs noise, reflects sound, attenuates […]

Sonic Quilts

Flexshield Sonic Quilt for Construction Noise

Versatile construction site soundproofing Sonic Acoustic quilts (also called Acoustic Blankets) is an excellent option for all contractors and construction companies looking to provide an exceptional level of construction site soundproofing. These lighter weight barriers combine sound blocking and absorbing technology to create a versatile barrier suited to the general demands of site noise mitigation. […]

Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent)

A quality mobile noise control solution The sonic acoustic mobile tent (also known as the sonic tent) is a comprehensive at-source noise control solution for the construction/building industry. Taking just moments to erect, take down, or re-position, the sonic tent can assist in making your site noise compliant. At Flexshield, we take the time to […]