Flexible Noise Barriers

Flexible noise barrier in a factory

Flexible PVC noise barriers Enclose or isolate noisy machines and equipment Flexshield PVC noise barriers suit almost every noise control requirement by stopping transmission and absorbing some of the vibration energy. Flexible noise barriers can combine a variety of Flexshield PVC products, such as SonicClear and loaded vinyl products. The products can include penetrations for […]

Acoustic Enclosures

acoustic enclosure

Custom-made noise control for machinery and equipment An acoustic enclosure is the ideal solution for controlling noise from a specific source. Each acoustic enclosure uses a different combination of Flexshield industrial noise control and screening solutions. The acoustic enclosure design is unique for each client’s application and has NATA accreditation. Products we may select from […]

Fume Control Curtains

Flexshield PVC Screen for Fume Control

Protect employees from odours and fumes Flexshield PVC strip doors, PVC swing doors, and PVC sheet curtains are ideal for controlling fumes and other airborne pollutants. Made from the most durable UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials, our PVC fume control curtains and barriers cater for unhindered access for machines or personnel, and are easy to […]

Contamination Control

Flexshield PVC Sheet curtains for contamination control

Durable PVC Curtains and Barriers Ideal for preventing cross-contamination, Flexshield SonicClear PVC curtains and barriers are made from the most durable UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials. They can be used to divide up warehouses and production areas for protection against contamination. Flexshield cleanroom PVC barriers have been tested against a wide range of common chemicals […]

SonicClear PVC Screens and Barriers

Flexshield retractable SonicClear Curtain

Control airborne contaminants in your workplace Flexshield’s SonicClear workshop PVC screens provide a physical barrier to airborne contaminants, allowing you to protect your workspace. They can control dust, noise, fumes, splash, odours, and insects, as well as providing paint and weather protection. SonicClear PVC screens or curtains are custom-made to suit your exact size and environmental […]

Dust Control

Flexshield Dust Control Screen in a car refurbishing facility

Physical barriers to control airborne dust Flexshield PVC strip doors, swing doors, and sheet curtains provide a physical barrier that controls airborne dust by slowing air velocity, allowing airborne dust to settle. Made from the most durable UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials, our dust control screens are supplied ready for easy installation. Custom-made for your […]

Swarf Screens

Flexshield PVC Swarf Screen

Flexible PVC curtains and barriers PVC swarf screens provide a flexible barrier to flying pieces of product, and will not tear or melt when subjected to hot swarf or metal filings. Manufactured from SonicClear PVC sheet or strip curtains with Flexshield’s trademark attention to detail, our swarf screens provide a versatile, clean, safe, and hassle-free […]

WeldflexTM Welding Screens

Flexshield Weldflex welding screens

WeldflexTM Welding Sheet Curtains Durable, industrial-strength welding protection. Kanga Certified Weldflex™ sheet screens are ideal for use in workplaces where both bystanders and welders must be protected against the harmful radiation emitted during welding work. In such situations, traditional welding curtains are not reliable since they tear and burn easily, putting personnel at risk. By […]

WeldflexTM Strip Curtains

Flexshield Weldflex Strip Curtains and SonicClear Curtains

Robust welding screens that resist tears and burns Traditional welding screens are a common workplace item, but are often a cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is fragile and tears or burns easily, which means keeping screens up to Australian safety standards can be an endless and expensive project. Flexshield welding screens and curtains […]

Flexible PVC Strip Curtains

Flexible PVC Strip Curtains

High quality, custom-made PVC barriers Custom-made to suit your exact size and environmental requirements, Flexshield’s PVC strip curtains are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, including non-corrosive aluminium and stainless steel mounting components. PVC strip curtains are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colours to create the ideal product for every application, […]

Flexible PVC Swing Doors

Flexshield Flexible PVC swing door

Robust, flexible, and lightweight Flexshield PVC swing doors are manufactured using the highest-grade materials available and provide and effective environmental barrier. Their full aluminium construction results in a lightweight, flexible door that will survive even the harshest conditions. Flexshield PVC swing doors: Provide noise reduction. Control the spread of dust and fumes. Provide safe working […]

Wash Bay Screens

Wash Bay Screens

A simple solution to control overspray, dirt and dust Flexshield offers a complete system of heavy-duty sliding or fixed sheet wash bay screens. Available as clear or coloured screens, these curtains are ideal for preventing car washing overspray from entering clean workspaces. Made entirely from anti-corrosive components, wash bay curtains are maintenance-free. Wash bay screens […]

Bird and Insect Screens

Control bird and pest infestations in warehouses and factories Flexshield bird and insect strip curtains are perfect for controlling lice and disease-carrying birds (and their droppings) and keeping pests and other vermin out of factories and warehouses. Custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements, our bird and insect screens are ideal for […]