Acoustic Enclosures

acoustic enclosure

Custom-made noise control for machinery and equipment An acoustic enclosure is the ideal solution for controlling noise from a specific source. Each acoustic enclosure uses a different combination of Flexshield industrial noise control and screening solutions. The acoustic enclosure design is unique for each client’s application and has NATA accreditation. Products we may select from […]

Fume Control Curtains

Flexshield PVC Screen for Fume Control

Protect employees from odours and fumes Flexshield PVC strip doors, PVC swing doors, and PVC sheet curtains are ideal for controlling fumes and other airborne pollutants. Made from the most durable UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials, our PVC fume control curtains and barriers cater for unhindered access for machines or personnel, and are easy to […]

WeldflexTM Strip Curtains

Flexshield Weldflex Strip Curtains and SonicClear Curtains

Robust welding screens that resist tears and burns Traditional welding screens are a common workplace item, but are often a cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is fragile and tears or burns easily, which means keeping screens up to Australian safety standards can be an endless and expensive project. Flexshield welding screens and curtains […]

Grinding Bays

grinding bays

Improved safety and ergonomics for schools and training centres Flexshield offers a complete system of sonic insulating partitions that are ideal for use as grinding bays. They provide a significant improvement to workplace ergonomics and working conditions. The modular system can be easily assembled, moved, expanded or changed into other configurations. Each element consists of […]

WeldflexTM Mobile Screens

Flexshield Weldflex Mobile Strip-and-Sheet

Flexible, durable mobile welding protection Mobile Weldflex™ welding screens have all the advantages of the Weldflex™ strip and sheet systems. Their strong galvanised or painted steel construction and heavy-duty castors make the mobile screen ideally suited to the rigours of any busy workshop. The 2mm strip or 1mm sheet fixed to the top of the […]

Quench Tanks

quench tank

Practical designs that meet industrial standards Quench tanks uniformly cool hot steels in water, oil, or polymer substances after the heat treatment process. Flexshield manufacture and supply a range of quench tanks (also called hot works metal baths) that are practical in their design. We fabricate each quench tank to meet industrial standards. Why choose […]

Welding Bays

Flexshield acoustic welding bays

Custom-made, robust acoustic welding protection Welding processes present potentially serious risks which can harm the welder’s health. Welding can generate metal particulates and toxic gases, including ozone, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. The most frequent acute respiratory complaint among welders is metal fume fever, a common self-limiting febrile illness of short duration caused by exposure […]

Welding Floor Mats

Welding using a FlexWeld welding mat

Reduce the risk of electric shock Welders face life-threatening hazards every day they turn up for their shift. The risk of electrocution, fire and explosion, burns, electric shock, vision damage, inhalation of poisonous gases and fumes, and exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation are all real and present dangers. FlexWeld welding floor mats are non-conductive welding […]

Safe Welding Fume Extraction Solutions

Acoustic welding bays with fume extraction arms

Protection from welding fumes Welding fumes are a complex mixture of dangerous, potentially cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) including metallic oxides, silicates and fluorides. These fumes form when metal is heated above its boiling point, and it’s vapours condense into very fine particles (solid particulates). It’s little wonder that in 2017, the Cancer Council classified all types […]

Welding Tables

welding table

Sturdy, custom-made welding tables Flexshield manufactures and supplies a range of gas welding tables and gas cutting benches. Our welding tables are fabricated to meet industrial standards and are practical in their design. Unlike wooden surfaces, our welding tables prevent fire hazards and are sturdy enough to attach a welder’s clamp. Flexshield can custom-make welding […]