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The importance of protecting your hearing from industrial noise

Tips for industrial workers to safeguard your hearing at work...

Tips for industrial workers to safeguard your hearing at work

Protecting your hearing is so important for several reasons. Excessive noise levels in the industrial workplace can pose a serious threat to workers’ auditory health.

Exposure to high levels of noise can significantly damage industrial workers’ hearing, leading to permanent hearing loss. This can not only affect their job performance and safety, but also their overall wellbeing, potentially altering their quality of life.

Even in moments of apparent silence, the human ear generates a subtle internal noise known as spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAEs) – a phenomenon that highlights the complexity of our auditory system and the need to safeguard our hearing.

In this article, Flexshield’s noise control experts will explore the importance of protecting workers’ hearing, and share the best solutions that can be implemented at your workplace.

How to avoid the worst effects of industrial noise

To mitigate the serious risks associated with noise exposure, workers should take simple measures such as wearing properly fitted earplugs or earmuffs, taking regular breaks from noisy environments, and participating in hearing conservation programs.

Employers hold a crucial role in promoting a workplace culture of hearing conservation. By providing access to proper protective equipment, conducting regular noise assessments, and offering educational resources, they demonstrate their commitment to their workforce’s wellbeing and the importance of hearing health.

Industrial noise control products

Engineered noise control solutions – such as Flexshield’s range of industrial noise control and PVC screening products – offer a beacon of hope for industrial workers. These products, backed by NATA accreditation and Kanga certification, guarantee quality and durability.

Flexshield’s nationwide sales and estimating team can design and install a unique industrial noise control or PVC screening solution, promising a quieter and safer work environment.

Get expert advice on controlling industrial noise

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