Mobile Soundproof Panels

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Mobile Soundproof Panels

Mobile Acoustic Panels can help you meet Workplace Health & Safety regulations.
Contact us now to find out how acoustic panels (also known as Portable Noise Screens) are an excellent choice for treating modest noise problems.
Mobile noise screens that are used to form partitions and enclosures offer you one additional advantage…and it’s a big one.
When your work areas change size or shape, or are re-purposed, Flexshield Portable Noise Screens can move and change with them!

Our Mobile Soundproof Panels are easily moved around the shop floor due to the fact that each panel is fitted with quality swivel castors complete with brakes.
Furthermore, when strategically placed around the noise source, substantial noise reductions can be easily achieved.

Sizes are custom made to suit the exact application and working environment, while NATA accredited test results are available for all mobile noise control panels.

Flexshield Mobile Soundproof Panels are used to:

  • Strategically place around the noise source to reduce it by up to 12dB or more

Soundproof panels with a host of uses:

  • Air-Arc Gouging
  • Mines
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Grinding
  • Hammering
  • Metal Stamping
  • Air tools
  • Press
  • Saws
  • Pumps / Gen sets
  • Much more….

Features and benefits of these relocatable acoustic panels

Flexshield’s acoustic mobile panels are designed to drastically cut your noise levels – in fact they reduce most noise problems regardless of the source.

Available in a wide range of heights, widths, materials and wheel carrier configurations, they provide customised treatment of your noise issues.

Our mobile soundproof panels are on castors so they are easy to reposition around the shop floor to counteract any new noise source that may arise.

They are the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

Custom made noise reduction panels.

Acoustic mobile soundproof panels are custom fabricated to suit practically any size, and to solve your acoustic needs.

Once the optimum design has been chosen, the acoustic panels are supplied quickly and are easy to assemble and put into immediate use.

For more information about this popular product, simply speak to a Flexshield team member on 1300 799 969.

Call us now on 1300 799 969 for free advice, samples and a customised proposal!

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