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acoustic modular panel

Australia’s Leading Modular Soundproofing Solution

Discover the Sonic System acoustic modular panel Flexshield’s most versatile...

Discover the Sonic System acoustic modular panel

Flexshield’s most versatile industrial soundproofing solution, Sonic System acoustic modular panels are prefabricated and can be cut to exact application size requirements. They are ideal for creating acoustic sheds, acoustic welding bays, grinding rooms, acoustic enclosures and wall linings.

Sonic System is available in 50 mm and 100 mm thicknesses, or as Super Panels featuring an extra layer of barrier material. Their modular tongue and groove style makes them easy to install and cover large areas in a short timeframe.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Sonic System.

Sonic System Blower Shed
Sonic System blower shed

What makes Sonic System the leading industrial soundproofing solution?

Sonic System acoustic modular panels are designed with a number of features that make them ideal for industrial soundproofing. They are:

Fire-rated and non-combustible

Being non-combustible, Sonic System soundproofing panels are perfect for use in areas where sparks are flying – such as welding bays, on external building facades, and lining plant rooms. The panel core is filled with high-density Rockwool, which assists with both noise absorption and fire resistance.

Able to absorb noise at different frequencies

If you look closely at the inside of a Sonic System acoustic modular panel, you’ll notice perforated holes of varying sizes over 38% of the surface. These holes absorb noise at different frequencies, which is ideal for use in an environment such as a that deals with different machinery emitting different noise levels.

An efficient noise control solution

The outside of the panel is a solid finish and looks similar to a cold room panel – but unlike cold room panels, they do a completely different job. Where a cold room panel will reflect sound – making your space noisier – a Sonic System acoustic modular panel will reduce the noise in your facility substantially and efficiently when installed in the correct location.

Highly aesthetic soundproofing

The smooth outer finish of the soundproofing panels provides an aesthetic finish, especially when used as an acoustic shed, acoustic welding bay, or acoustic enclosure. The outside will look like any normal shed or bay, while the inside features a high spec acoustic solution.

NATA tested and durable

Thanks to extensive testing by our research and development team, as well as third party NATA accredited testing authorities, Sonic System soundproofing panels are built to withstand Australia’s intense climate. They are equally effective when used either indoors and outdoors.

LaTrobe Flexshield Sonic System Acoustic Panels and Sonic Series Acoustic Louvres
LaTrobe Flexshield Sonic System Acoustic Panels and Sonic Series Acoustic Louvres

Sonic System panels are:

  • Very fast and simple to install, saving time and reducing interruptions on site.
  • NATA tested with an acoustic rating for guaranteed noise reduction, giving you peace of mind.
  • Perforated on the noise facing surface with 5x different diameter holes, for maximum sound absorption.
  • Made with a Rockwool high-density acoustic core that both absorbs and attenuates more low-frequency sounds.
  • Fire-rated, tested in accordance with AS 1530.4-2014 Sections 1, 2 & 3.
  • Pre-coated with a durable finish for longevity in tough conditions, offering an excellent Return On Investment.
  • A strong self-supporting system, requiring minimal structural supports. This helps reduce costs and save money by eliminating excessive structural steelwork.

Best of all, Flexshield offers complete after-sales service to help you through every step of the way. Simply call 1300 799 969 for assistance from our customer care team.

How a site visit helps create the ideal soundproofing solution

When contacting us for more information about this amazing product, be prepared for our team to book a site visit with you. Our talented team will come to the site and work with you to understand your processes and design a custom solution to suit.

After the site visit, Flexshield’s team of specialists will work on a design that meets your business needs. This custom solution may include vision panels, penetrations and Sonic Series acoustic doors.

Finally, the Flexshield team can come to your site to install your new Sonic System acoustic solution, or you can install the clip together modular panels yourself.

Can’t believe how fast it went in!

“Very happy with the acoustic walls around the power station.
I can’t believe how fast it went in… and the noise reduction is incredible! Look forward to seeing you on more projects.”


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