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Arcadia Valley gas compressor shed with Sonic acoustic skirt

Acoustic sheds and gas compressor sheds

Custom-built sound control for construction and mining One of Flexshield’s...

Custom-built sound control for construction and mining

One of Flexshield’s more recent ventures is creating acoustic sheds. Our clients include companies that explore for and produce oil and natural gas; or do long-term construction projects that need to operate 24/7 without disrupting neighbouring residences or businesses.

The benefits of acoustic sheds/gas compressor sheds

Sonic System acoustic modular panels, acoustic louvres and doors can be combined to make a very capable acoustic shed, which aims to:

  • Minimise the constant hum of equipment
  • Absorb nuisance frequencies
  • Create a visually appealing visual barrier

All Flexshield designs are customised to suit each unique project and can have access points (such as man-doors and vehicle gates) to suit the application.

Other optional extras include:

  • Acoustic doors
  • Acoustic louvres
  • Removable hatches
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Crane and forklift access

Our Sonic System acoustic modular panels are a perfect fit for this application, featuring high-quality weather-proof materials, do not rust, hold up under heavy wind loads, and are lightweight.

Aesthetic appeal is only part of the science behind the Sonic System acoustic modular panel. Constructed with fibreglass material for noise attenuation and thermal insulation, Flexshield Sonic System acoustic modular panels have weather stripping installed between them for sealing and sound attenuation.

The absorptive panels have spherical perforations for two crucial reasons:

  • The innovative design reduces annoying frequencies better than elongated slits, and
  • They add physical strength to the panels.

The construction of all Flexshield acoustic sheds supports adequate roof load and withstands intense wind loads.

Controlling noise on construction sites with acoustic sheds

Acoustic sheds are custom-built and are commonly used during the construction of tunnels to minimise the impact of noise, light, and dust spill on the local community during 24-hour tunnelling activities.

The acoustic shed fully encloses the construction works, allowing for tunnelling or heavy construction work to operate around the clock without interrupting surrounding businesses or residences.

Each acoustic shed is custom-made to the individual project’s processes. The panels are a simple tongue and groove panel that makes it simple to dismantle at the end of the project.

Minimising sound near the source with gas compressor sheds

Simply putting up with noise is no longer a viable option. The need to eliminate noise near the source is vital to staying compliant with local and federal EPA regulations.

Flexshield’s Sonic System acoustic modular panel is our elite product. It provides a durable, lightweight, innovative system that minimises sound by creating specialised buildings and enclosures while allowing for the routine maintenance associated with this type of machinery.

In a fully enclosed gas turbine installation, the enclosure sides and roof include panels and access doors supported by a heavy-duty frame. The side and roof panels are easily removed individually for complete access to the major components for inspection and maintenance.

The Noise Absorption Coefficient (NRC rating) of our Sonic System acoustic modular panels is 1.00. A rating of 1.00 is 100% sound-absorptive, while a rating of zero is 100% sound-reflective.

We understand your project site may require vehicle access in and out of the enclosure. When designing the acoustic shed, we ensure that man and vehicle doors do not minimise the barrier’s mitigation effectiveness.

Talk to Flexshield for more information about acoustic sheds

The team at Flexshield will custom design your gas compressor or acoustic shed. We will start by learning about your project and planned operations to ensure we design you a quality solution.

For more information about gas compressor sheds or acoustic sheds contact the Flexshield team on 1300 799 969.