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Generator on a construction site.

Curtains Quieten a Noisy Generator

The temporary solution solves the residential noise issue Solving industrial...

The temporary solution solves the residential noise issue

Solving industrial noise complications – even temporary ones – is what the Flexshield team does best.

Our products are ideally suited to large projects, such as soundproofing major construction sites, or helping factories keep noisy equipment down to satisfactory levels as set by the EPA.

Yet, since the customer is at the centre of everything we do, when Travis from IMPAKT Constructions came to us with a small but frustrating noise problem, we were happy to assist.


Generator noise disturbs local residents

IMPAKT Constructions was worried that noise from a generator was escaping and disturbing nearby residents, and even distracting the players at an adjacent hockey tournament.

Travis contacted Flexshield’s Sales Team Leader Nathan looking for the best solution to his noise problem. Naturally, the fix had to be within his budget – and one more thing: could we provide it to him by close of business that day?

The Flexshield team went to work to create a temporary yet effective noise control solution.

Temporary noise curtains provide a swift solution

Flexshield’s sonic curtains are regularly used on large construction sites. Since their absorption rating is for large equipment, we were confident that their noise control capabilities would solve Travis’s generator problem.

Nathan got straight back to Travis with a simple solution to his noise issue: temporary noise curtains.

Noise curtains can solve many temporary industrial noise problems because they:

  • Reduce noise emitted by machinery
  • Are budget-friendly, and
  • Are easy to assemble and disassemble.

What’s more, once your project is complete the process to off-hire the curtains is straightforward.

Noise control goal achieved thanks to acoustic curtains

Travis emailed Flexshield to detail how the temporary noise curtains achieved his goal:

“Thank you very much for the help you provided me yesterday. The project was a success; we reduced the noise by about 20 decibels.  I have attached some photos of the job. Please feel free to put them on your website.”

For more information and advice about temporary noise curtains – or to hire some for your construction project – call 1300 799 969 and speak to a Flexshield team member, or click here to contact us.