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Flexshield Sonic Quilt hung a fence at a popular Australian zoo for noise control during a construction project

Sonic Curtains and Sonic Quilts

Outstanding temporary site noise control solutions Sonic Curtains and Sonic...

Outstanding temporary site noise control solutions

Sonic Curtains and Sonic Quilts are two of Flexshield’s most effective products for temporary site noise control.

Sonic Curtains provide maximum noise reduction and soundproofing by combining a high mass sound barrier and noise absorption products into the one flexible soundproof curtain. Their increased mass makes Sonic Curtains good option for controlling low-frequency noise such as the sound of pumps and diesel motors.

Sonic Quilt is a lighter weight version of sonic curtains and provides excellent noise reduction for general construction and demolition processes. Thanks to their lightweight, Sonic Quilts are easy to handle and suitable for hanging from scaffolding and other temporary structures.

Applications for Sonic Curtains and Sonic Quilts

Sonic Curtains and quilts are ideal for use in a variety of applications:

  • Construction works
  • Earth and roadworks
  • Refurbishment on occupied buildings
  • Offices
  • Air conditioners
  • Rooftop plant equipment
  • Sports halls

The most common use for Flexshield’s Sonic Curtains and Sonic Quilts is on large construction sites. However, they are a versatile product that will provide benefits on smaller sites, around selected pieces of machinery, and on indoor applications.

Fire-rated noise control solutions

This versatility and variety of applications make it essential to understand the flammability rating associated with these products: both Sonic Quilts and Sonic Curtains are fire rated to Australian standards.

The BCA (Building Code of Australia) sets flammability requirements for materials and requires testing of flexible sarking type materials and similar products to AS1530.2 processes.

According to NCC2019 Flammability, “index” means the index number as determined by AS1530.2: Flammability of materials testing.

  • Hung vertically – then ignited at the bottom using a pilot flame
  • The spread of the flame across the fabric is measured
  • From this measurement, the Flammability Index is derived, with
    • 0 = least hazardous
    • 100 = most hazardous
  • Several specimens are supplied for testing to ensure accurate results

On this scale, Flexshield Sonic Curtains and Sonic Quilts achieved two and three respectively – exceptional results that mean they are at the least dangerous end of the flammability spectrum. Both curtains and quilts meet the request for scaffold cladding/façades which is between (0 and 25).

These results provide you with the confidence your worksite is safe in more than just one area.

Talk to Flexshield for advice on temporary site noise control

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