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Flexshield Acoustic Screen Solutions

Sound attenuation and sound absorption in one practical package One...

Sound attenuation and sound absorption in one practical package

One of Flexshield’s most versatile products is our Sonic System panels. Available in 50mm or 100mm thicknesses, Sonic System panels use a simple ‘clip together’ system for maximum ease and effectiveness.

Sonic System acoustic panels can be used for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, including:

  • Workshop noise treatments
  • Occupational noise treatments
  • OHS noise treatments

Flexshield’s Sonic System panels are available in pre-finished ‘off white’, are fireproof and will not support combustion. They are the ideal solution for any acoustic screening requirements requiring both sound attenuation and sound absorption.

Acoustic screening solutions

Acoustic screening is ideal for reducing:

  • Traffic noise
  • Noise from equipment such as refrigeration units or air conditioners that may be disturbing your neighbour
  • Drilling sites
  • Earthworks

Soundproof acoustic screening may be fabricated from a selection of materials, depending on the application and sound control requirement. The screen design is to absorb noise, reflect sound or attenuate it, and keep it within the noise source surrounds.

Sonic System acoustic screens are manufactured from a metal skin sandwich panel and can incorporate windows, doors, ventilation and other access needs.

Erecting acoustic screening around noisy machines can cut off ventilation and decrease the effectiveness and life of the machine. Combining Flexshield’s acoustic louvres and Sonic System panels can solve this challenge by allowing for adequate ventilation and all-weather protection while maintaining acceptable noise levels.

Other Sonic System benefits include:

  • Pre-coated durable product for longevity in severe conditions, offering an excellent Return On Investment.
  • Very fast and straightforward to install. Save time and reduce interruptions on site.
  • NATA tested acoustic rating for guaranteed noise reduction, giving you peace of mind. Rw31 and Rw37 (V50 or V100)
  • Perforated on noise facing surface with 5x different diameter holes for maximum sound absorption. NRC 1.00 and 1.10 (V50 or V100)
  • The solid outer skin is pre-coated in off-white for corrosion resistance
  • Rockwool 70kg/m3 density acoustic core helps attenuate more low-frequency sound.
  • Fire-rated tested following AS 1530.4-2014 Sections 1, 2 & 3.
  • A strong self-supporting system, requiring minimal structural supports – reduces costs and saves money by eliminating excessive steelwork.
  • And best of all, complete after-sales service to help you through every step of the way. Simply call 1300 799 969 for assistance from Flexshield’s customer care team.

Sonic System acoustic louvres and acoustic panels

Flexshield tailor-designed and manufactured acoustic screening for a rooftop plant deck at the Selandra Rise Shopping Centre, where Woolworths is a major tenant. This treatment involved constructing an enclosure of Sonic System and acoustic louvres.

Flexshield can provide a complete range of acoustic screens constructed and installed to meet all your requirements. For more information on acoustic screens, contact us today.