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Cost of Workplace Related Injuries

Solutions for preventing industrial deafness  Workplace related injuries add up...

Solutions for preventing industrial deafness

 Workplace related injuries add up to a staggering 4.8% of Australia’s GDP. This figure includes compensation claims ($7 billion in 2009, the year of most recent data), along with lost salaries, reduced productivity, restructuring, and legal and administration costs.

A 2014 article in The Australian summarises Konekt findings that workplace-related injuries cost the Australia economy around $60,000,600,000 each year. The summary claims that “Australian businesses could save themselves and the economy up to $30 billion a year if they acted sooner to help injured workers get back in the workforce.”

One of the most common workplace-related injuries is noise-induced hearing loss. According to Safe Work Australia, “Between July 2002 and June 2007, there were about 16,500 successful workers’ compensation claims for industrial deafness involving permanent impairment due to noise.”

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. And with an estimated 1 million Australian workers potentially exposed to a hazardous level of noise at work, it is up to industry leaders like Flexshield to take a stand.

Preventing industrial deafness

Soundproof panels, such as acoustic curtains & blankets and other industrial noise control products, are not luxury items. They must be considered a necessity for protecting employees from noise-related injuries such as industrial deafness.

Flexshield noise control solutions

  • Acoustic doors from Flexshield are manufactured to suit the requirements of the individual project. They can be built to any specification, design requirement, or to suit a specific task.
  • Acoustic louvres are the ideal option to allow for ventilation while protecting equipment from overheating – which can reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of the device.
  • Acoustic enclosures reduce noise from machinery and equipment including pumps, compressors, saws, presses, mechanical plant, fabrication processes, moulders, grinders, sanders, CNC machines, fixed plant and equipment, trucks and forklifts.
  • Acoustic curtains (also called acoustic blankets) are soundproof curtains and screens that provide maximum noise reduction. They achieve superb levels of soundproofing by combining sound barrier and noise absorption products into one flexible soundproof curtain panel.

Talk to Flexshield for more advice on preventing industrial deafness

As Australia’s leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of industrial noise control and soundproofing products – including acoustic panels and soundproof curtains – Flexshield will do everything possible to make your workplace safer and reduce the burden on the economy.

If you work in an industry such as manufacturing, constructionminingwater or power generation, or you need to conform to an EPA or governmental body regulation, we recommend you contact our expert team.

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