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Flexshield Segregation Barriers

Flexshield keep Manufacturing Moving

Introducing Flexshield Segregation Barriers Flexshield’s extensive industry knowledge and understanding...

Introducing Flexshield Segregation Barriers

Flexshield’s extensive industry knowledge and understanding of production lines have enabled us to create a product to help keep Australian manufacturing moving during the COVID-19 pandemic: Segregation Barriers.

The segregation barrier’s simple yet effective design is generating global interest. They are a practical way to safely isolate workers on production lines where it is not possible to implement social distancing rules.

The segregation barriers can hang from a ceiling or stand freely between employees, and the divider is transparent to allow for visibility to avoid any miscommunications on the line.

Because no two production lines are the same, no two sets of segregation barriers are the same. To ensure the design is right for your business, a Flexshield team member will assess how your production line operates and recommend the best style of segregation barrier for your manufacturing facility.

All products used to make the segregation barriers are industrial grade and anti-corrosive. The barriers are easy to assemble or disassemble and most importantly, are easy to clean to assure your factory is adhering to hygiene controls.

An important asset during and after current pandemic restrictions

Though the Australian Government is developing a plan to ease COVID restrictions, this is NOT the time for you to relax your production line’s social distancing measures.

As other countries have eased their restrictions, coronavirus cases have spiked. That means now is the time to proactive and prepare your manufacturing business for the potential rise in coronavirus cases here in Australia.

By preparing your facility now for a second COVID-19 wave – as well as any future pandemics or restrictions – you can ensure your production lines remain operating as usual.

Contact Flexshield for production line segregation barriers. Though Flexshield segregation barriers were in response to COVID-19, demand indicates they’ll be in use long after the pandemic. Thanks to this popularity they will become available for purchase as part of our standard line of products.

For additional information on the Flexshield segregation barriers, reach out to Nigel Salter on  0427 334 821 or contact