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Flexible PVC Swing Doors

Organise Workspace and Control Workshop Hazards

Flexshield supplies a wide range of heavy-duty sliding strip curtains...

Flexshield supplies a wide range of heavy-duty sliding strip curtains to control workshop hazards and provide protection for employees. They are also useful at organising the work area by separating areas from each other.

Workplace safety is critical, especially in industrial settings where smoke, fumes and splash are a few of the common hazards. However, it is not always cost-effective or efficient to install a fixed barrier, especially when you need easy access to the area. Additionally, when one involves access for forklifts, it is complicated to use fixed walls.

To maintain access while separating work areas is where PVC sliding strip curtains come in. Flexshield supplies flexible PVC strip curtains that are efficient at protecting workers against everyday hazards such as noise, dust, smoke, splash and more. Still, they also provide easy access to an area as a forklift or even truck can drive right through them, and they will fall right back into place, ensuring a constant barrier.

Using sliding strip curtains is a highly cost-effective and efficient way for companies to create a safe work environment that is the peak of organisation and efficiency.

These curtains are also incredibly easy to install because Flexshield supplies them in a pre-assembled kit so that they are ready to hang as soon as they arrive on site.

The strip curtains from Flexshield also act as flexible noise barriers so one can provide worker protection and meet OH & S  requirements for noise levels without having to spend a fortune or to make life difficult by installing fixed barriers. These curtains can keep birds and insects from entering buildings, to control airborne dust, to prevent cross-contamination and much more.

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