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Flexshield Corona Virus Isolation Booth

Protecting Medical Staff from COVID-19

Introducing the ISOBOOTH Flexshield General Manager Ronnie Evenden was in...

Introducing the ISOBOOTH

Flexshield General Manager Ronnie Evenden was in the local spotlight talking about Flexshields Isolation Booth. The Isolation Booth or ISOBOOTH for short is generating global interest.

The Flexshield Research and Development Team developed the ISOBOOTH to protect our frontline workers and to reduce their need for PPE – which during COVID-19 is scarce, is time-consuming to put on and off – not to mention hot and uncomfortable for staff.

The Flexshield Group Head Office and Manufacturing facility are in Toowoomba QLD. However, Flexshield has a national sales and installation team. All Flexshield products are customisable, including the ISOBOOTH. We understand that not all facilities are the same, we can hold meetings with you to determine the size and style your Booth needs to be.


What is the Isolation Booth?

The ISOBOOTH, as the name suggests isolates medical staff from the patient. The Doctor or Nurse inside the Booth needs to wear minimal PPE as the enclosure protects them from outside contaminants. Staff complete assessments from inside protecting them from catching and sharing germs.

The ISOBOOTH is easily cleanable between patients and can disassemble when not in use.

While the ISOBOOTH development occurred as a solution to COVID-19, it is not the sole purpose of the Booth. The Research and Development Team at Flexshield imagines that post the pandemic the Booth will be useable for flu season and other contagious occasions – and in laboratories for product development and research, sample analysis etc.

The ISOBOOTH is not the only product the Flexshield Groups Research and Development Team has brought to market during the pandemic. Flexshield also launched Segregation Barriers to separate employees on production lines and Avenue Interior Systems introduced the Calando Booth. The Calando Booth is specifically for people involved in regular teleconferences or web meetings with a need to reduce distractions and enhance the acoustics – perfect for working from home or call centres.

For more information on any of the Flexshield products, not just the products mentioned here, contact Ronnie Evenden, General Manager on or phone the office on 1300 799 969.