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Acoustic Doors and Louvres

Combining noise control with airflow and staff access Workplace noise...

Combining noise control with airflow and staff access

Workplace noise does not remain constant. It changes over time, for example, due to machinery deterioration; a new piece of machinery introduced to a facility; or perhaps changes in manufacturing processes.

This increase in noise will impact the health of employees, and potentially increase the risk of complaints to the EPA, leading to fines or even facility shutdowns.

To meet these concerns Flexshield provides noise control and screening to some of the world’s best-known companies, including Nestle, Rolls Royce and Qantas. Our solutions meet the exact requirements of each client’s noise challenge – such as the acoustic louvres and sonic access doors Flexshield made for Nestle.

Pairing acoustic louvres with sonic access doors provide an excellent combination of noise control, airflow, and staff access.

Acoustic louvres provide noise reduction and maintain airflow

An ideal solution for surrounding noisy equipment while maintaining airflow, acoustic louvres can include optional extras such as bird and insect mesh. This stops vermin entering a  building and contaminating food manufacturing processes or damaging machinery – and does not impact airflow or the acoustic properties of the acoustic louvres.

Acoustic louvres are available in a variety of materials, with the most popular finish being Colourbond with a Rockwool fill to make the louvre absorptive. Acoustic louvres are available in modular panels, acoustic louvre gates or doors – flexibility which offers our clients the complete range of noise control solutions.

Sonic access doors for interior or exterior use

Flexshield’s sonic access doors are custom fabricated for each client request. Acoustic doors have the flexibility of being used either internally or on a building exterior since they withstand the rigours of Australia’s harsh weather.

Our acoustic doors’ sleek design allows them to be used internally as part of a control room, acoustic enclosure, or to stop noise transmitting from a factory to offices. Externally, the doors stop noise from inside the building escaping to surrounding areas. The acoustic doors can include locks, door seals and peepholes.

Flexshield provides acoustic doors and louvres for Nestle

A combination of acoustic louvres and sonic access acoustic doors gave Nestle their desired noise reduction while preserving airflow and allowing for employee access – in one aesthetically pleasing solution.

For more information on Flexshield acoustic louvres and acoustic doors contact the team on 1300 799 969.