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Noise wall Rosenlund

Temporary Noise Barriers Prevent Excess Noise

Rosenlund Contractors benefit from industrial acoustic curtains Even though noise...

Rosenlund Contractors benefit from industrial acoustic curtains

Even though noise is very dangerous, it is often not recognised as a priority since it’s not a visible threat. Yet noise can cause permanent irreversible damage to hearing before anyone realises. That’s why employers must ensure that worksites, facilities and offices ( have effective noise control.

Flexshield’s Temporary Noise Barriers (Sonic Curtains) provide maximum noise reduction by incorporating both sound attenuation (blocking) and sound absorption technologies.

Sonic Curtains are used to provide temporary noise reduction for industrial works. They are ideal for:

  • Construction / demolition works noise
  • Earth and road work noise
  • Machinery noise – compressors, saws, drills and generators
  • Sound control for refurbishments on occupied buildings

Temporary Noise Barriers are quick and straightforward to install and are ideal for both short- and long-term applications. These industrial curtains can be hung from temporary site fencing and scaffolding and are fire- and weatherproof.

Applications for industrial acoustic curtains

Many unique projects use industrial acoustic curtains, including acoustic enclosures, drill socks and even around the turbines at Snowy Hydro Power Stations. One standout project was Flexshield’s work for Rosenlund Contractors.

Rosenlund was undertaking a project in Brisbane that would create extreme noise levels. They needed to protect both their employees and external parties from this excess noise.

Flexshield assisted by providing curtains to create an 18m high x 36m long temporary acoustic wall for Rosenlund to use throughout the construction process. The curtains were fixed to the scaffolding on the site to create a noise wall.

The mass of sky-blue curtains was an extremely satisfying sight for Flexshield employees. It is always a pleasure to work with a company that understands the noise of the impact has on employees and neighbouring residences and businesses.


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