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SonicClear PVC screen

Custom designed PVC screens

How Flexshield SonicClear helps efficiently divide workspaces It’s a commercial...

How Flexshield SonicClear helps efficiently divide workspaces

It’s a commercial reality that most businesses must set up their facilities to be multi-purpose, with buildings catering to manufacturing, storage, offices and maintenance. Yet while having all elements of a company in one place is undoubtedly efficient, it can also present problems.

For example: How do you separate areas without impacting natural light? How do you stop splash and dust settling on expensive inventory? What if you isolate a zone, but then need the space?

A flexible solution for screening off areas

Flexshield’s SonicClear PVC screens stop splash, dust and other airborne contaminants entering clean workspaces. They allow for easy access, create safe workplaces, and are clear for maximum visibility.

Sliding or fixed sheet SonicClear PVC screens are ideal for use as wash bay screens. Available in clear or coloured PVC, these curtains prevent overspray from machinery maintenance entering clean workspaces. All components are anti-corrosive and are maintenance-free.

Effectively controlling dirt and dust, SonicClear PVC screens are ideal for use as workshop dividers. They create a clean environment inside busy workshops while maintaining 100% natural light and the visibility required for safety.

SonicClear screens are ideal in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Spray bays
  • Truck/bus wash bays
  • Train wash bays
  • Machinery wash bays
  • High-pressure wash bays
  • Parts washing

Wash bay contained effectively by SonicClear PVC screens

Eagers Holden, one of South East Queensland’s best-known dealerships, uses Flexshield SonicClear PVC screens in their car detailing area. The tailor-designed sliding SonicClear screen stops overspray impacting other areas, and the screen is retractable to open up space when required.

Gary McDonald from Eagers was impressed by the Flexshield product:

“Flexshield got this to us in a short time. It came with everything we needed to install it. It was a piece of cake as they said it would be. The curtain functions well – we would not hesitate to buy another.”

SonicClear PVC Screens are also used by large manufacturing companies such as Liebherr and Komatsu, and by the Australian Defence Force.

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