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Flexshield Grinding Bay

Noise Reduction Curtains: Proven Effective at Noise Control

Flexshield is a top manufacturer, supplier and installer of noise...

Flexshield is a top manufacturer, supplier and installer of noise reduction curtains and other soundproofing solutions. A wide variety of industrial clients, many of whom have welding bays and grinding bays depend on the company’s tried and tested noise-reduction applications.]

A steel fabrication company in Carrum Downs used Flexshield grinding bays to improve the work environment for their staff. Before coming to Flexshield, they had cordoned off a corner of the facility for this bay and had installed screens to isolate the area, but this process had little impact.

Noise levels in such facilities are high, ranging from 80 to 125dB(A); Flexshield recorded a pre-installation official noise level of 97dBA. Staff were in the grinding bays for hours posing a hazard to the hearing of the operators and bystanders.

After an initial consultation, Flexshield manufactured transparent, flexible noise reduction curtains and installed them around the grinding bay in an L-shaped configuration to isolate the bay and prevent its noise from being transmitted to the rest of the client’s facility.

While the design of the screen is to block sound, they are also flexible to permit easy ingress and egress, and clear to permit external lighting to penetrate the area and allow for full visibility for safety reasons.

After the installation of the noise reduction curtains, Flexshield recorded an official post-treatment noise level of 78 dBA – significantly lower than before installation, and below the average noise range of 80 to 125dB(A).

In this application, Flexshield’s solutions proved practical at managing industrial noise, thus reducing its impact on health and wellbeing.

If you are not 100% sure about how to avoid industrial noise-induced hearing loss, download tackling noise or contact our expert team today.