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Flexshield Provides Superior PVC Doors Throughout Australia

Flexshield, Australia’s leading provider of noise control and soundproofing doors,...

Flexshield, Australia’s leading provider of noise control and soundproofing doors, is making workplaces more conducive for productivity with their noise-control products and services. By improving the work environment, they help increase productivity and efficiency, which later translates to increased profits for their customers and excellent working experience for those on the job.

Flexshield was established in 2003, immediately making an impact on Australia’s different workplace environments by providing noise-control solutions that outperformed other companies who offer similar products and services, even those who have been around much longer. After over a decade in business, Flexshield continues to improve its superior services and products.

Flexshield has a well-earned reputation as a company that pioneers in noise-control solutions. Their PVC door curtainsnoise attenuation barriers, and other top-of-the-line products are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they rate excellently concerning effective noise control and other environmental factor dampening.

The tests by the National Association of Testing Authorities certifies Flexshield’s overall compliance with industry standards. These regular assessments have made Flexshield number one in supplying PVC doors (also known as Butcher’s Doors, Flap Doors and Crash Doors) and other products and services to Australia’s numerous workplaces. Customers know that Flexshield will not only provide the best quality noise-reducing curtains and acoustic sliding doors but will also deliver these items quickly and ready to install.

Flexshield is also with the customer every step of the way. Before any product is delivered, representatives of the company visit the worksite. During this consultation, they measure the area’s noise levels to come up with a customised plan and design. This level of service is what sets Flexshield apart from its competitors.

Studies show that excessive noise levels in the workplace can lead to profit loss, both by hindering the effectiveness of workers in that environment, and also causing unsafe work conditions in the area. Flexshield prevents these things from occurring by providing the best PVC doors and other noise-control solutions throughout the country. They help the customer from beginning to end and continue to cement their position as the number one company in their field.

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