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Protecting Industrial Employees from Hearing Loss

The impact of noise on employees is an ever-present challenge....

The impact of noise on employees is an ever-present challenge. Noise related hearing loss impacts 28-32% of the Australian workforce – especially in the industrial sector. Once a person suffers from hearing loss from damage to the tiny hairs in the ear, the impairment is permanent and irreversible. In fact, over time the condition only worsens.

In many instances minimising noise impacts with PPE is effective; however, the best solution is to install engineered controls.


What engineered noise controls are available?

Engineered controls include:

  • Elimination – removing the source of the noise
  • Substitution – employing alternate construction techniques
  • Isolation – using noise control products such as baffles and attenuators
  • Equipment selection – choosing the quietest makes and models on the market
  • Engineering controls – both at the source and in the transmission path via acoustic curtains, doors and louvres, noise barriers and acoustic enclosures
  • Quiet work practices – such as putting a time limit on noisy periods
  • Administrative control – with management making a concerted effort to reduce worker exposure

In most instances eliminating the noisy equipment is not practical or a cost-effective solution. Therefore, isolating equipment and engineering controls often offer the best results.


Options for isolating industrial noise

Flexshield provides a range of products that can be used to isolate the noise emitted from noisy equipment. Installing these products will reduce the risk of your employees suffering from hearing loss.

Flexshield’s noise control products include:

  • Sonic Access acoustic doors are high performance, streamlined, and lightweight soundproof door set. Available as single or double sets, they are tailor-made to suit any size and application.
  • Sonic Series acoustic louvres allow for ventilation and are insulated with rock wool to reduce noise transmission and provide all-weather protection.
  • Sonic System acoustic modular panels are prefabricated modular tongue and groove style acoustic panels. The panel sizes cover large areas quickly and do not support combustion.
  • Acoustic enclosures can include the above three products and others from our range of noise control and screening solutions. Each enclosure is designed for your unique application and piece of machinery.


Find out how to protect your employees from hearing loss

Flexshield’s expert team can offer you advice on the best-engineered noise controls for your particular industrial facility.

For more information on protecting your employees from hearing damage, get in touch with the Flexshield team on 1300 799 969 or contact us online.