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Noise Control Solutions for the Australian Defence Force

How Zulu warriors showed the need to protect military employees...

How Zulu warriors showed the need to protect military employees from hearing loss – The Zulus were a proud nation steeped in tradition. When faced with a battle, they could march (or even run) 45km and arrive still with the energy to fight.

Yet for all their determination, the Zulu army had one significant detriment: they had no firepower. Their expertise was in hand-to-hand combat. And so, to distract and intimidate their enemies, they implemented ‘Tshilamoya’ – Push the Wind.

Tshilamoya’ – Push the wind!

The Zulu army would position themselves out of sight and simultaneously strike their cowhide shields with their knobkerries.  It’s said the force of 6,000-8,000 men hitting their shields at the same time created such a force it blew leaves and branches from trees.

The incredible sound emitted from the practice of Tshilamoya terrified the Zulus’ enemies into retreat. Yet we now know that the sound from Tshilamoya would cause permanent hearing loss to the Zulu army.  It would far exceed the minimum exposure level.

Today’s defence forces boast an arsenal of weaponry, lessening the need for them to practise Tshilamoya. Yet these new weapons come with noise concerns of their own. Flexshield has a range of noise control solutions designed around the needs of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Flexshield’s noise control options for defence applications

Acoustic doors are high performance, streamlined, and lightweight soundproof door set. Available as single or double sets and tailor-made to suit any size and application.

Acoustic louvres allow for ventilation and provide all-weather protection while reducing noisy machinery noise levels.

Sonic acoustic curtains are soundproof curtains and screens that provide maximum noise reduction. They achieve superb levels of soundproofing by combining sound barrier and noise absorption products into one flexible soundproof curtain panel.

Wash bay curtains offer a simple solution wherever splash protection or anti-contamination is required. Available as clear or coloured screens, these curtains prevent overspray from entering clean workspaces. All components are anti-corrosive and are maintenance-free.

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Flexshield has a long history of working with the ADF, contractors and primes. Examples of projects we have worked on include:

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