Acoustic Barriers for Construction Sites

Why are the different types of acoustic barriers for constructions sites?

When you mention the words “acoustic barrier” to the average person, most would probably picture a big block of grey foam getting nailed to a wall in a music studio. Not many, on the other hand, would know that this and other kinds of noise-reduction technology play such a big role in other industries – acoustic barriers for construction sites being a prime example.

In this article we want to quickly run through the different options when it comes to acoustic barriers for construction sites so everyone can see it’s not just foam on a wall.

What makes a good acoustic barrier for construction sites?

Before we get into the different types of acoustic barriers for construction sites, let’s just take a moment to describe the type of acoustic barrier we’re talking about.  

The biggest difference from the well-known foam example we’ve already highlighted is the fact this type of acoustic barrier isn’t fixed in a permanent fashion. Because construction sites can basically pop up anywhere and at any time, these acoustic barriers have to be more versatile and economical, and allow easy disassembly and storage when not used on a project. 

With that in mind, acoustic barriers for construction sites are typically:

  • Portable, flexible and adaptable, so they can be easily deployed by hanging on fences, walls and hoarding.
  • Durable and weatherproof, so they can offer a high level of performance in all conditions over a long period of time.
  • Customisable, with the ability to be fabricated to exact size requirements and incorporate both safety (e.g. reflective strips, hazard icons) and commercial (company logos, colours) features.

Noise Control Solutions for Your Facility

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Our Acoustic Barriers 

Now that we know exactly what acoustic barriers for construction sites look like, these are the portable, durable, and customised solutions Flexshield can offer:

  • Sonic Quilts – These clever, lighter weight barriers combine sound blocking and absorbing technology to create a versatile barrier suited to the general demands of site noise mitigation. Strategically placed eyelets and joiners allow for multiple configurations that can cover areas of different size and shape.
  • Sonic Acoustic Curtains – Extremely easy to use and versatile, it’s no surprise soundproofing curtains and screens are a popular option for many construction sites. Not only can they be hung on fences, walls and concertinaed, they can also help control the spread of dust and fumes.
  • Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent) – With cutting edge design and technology, which includes being easy to put up, put down or reposition, the sonic tent can help make your construction site noise compliant in a matter of minutes.
  • Flexible PVC Noise Barriers – These barriers are suitable for just about any noise control issue, however are commonly used to isolate machine equipment or separate noisy operations and provide safe spaces for workers. They also protect against dust, fume and splash contamination.

How to use Acoustic Barriers

Just like the products themselves, there are many different options when using our acoustic barriers for construction sites and Flexshield is committed to getting you the right one.

We have the ability to customise acoustic barriers to suit exact size and environment requirements, and, once a solution has been chosen, are able to quickly manufacture and supply. Our acoustic barriers are available as a kit with easy installation instructions, or alternatively we can arrange to install at your location.

Contact us for more information about our acoustic baffles today. For a detailed assessment and consultation contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969 or contact us online.

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