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Contamination problem solved by Sonic Clear Sheet Curtains

Contamination problem solved by Sonic Clear Sheet Curtains Flexshield was...

Contamination problem solved by Sonic Clear Sheet Curtains

Flexshield was approached by Seal Innovations for a solution to a contamination problem they were experiencing with a Water Jet machine. The company wanted a piece of clear PVC to install alongside their Water Jet machine, preventing water from spraying out and into the room.

Flexshield solved the company’s problem by manufacturing a Sonic Clear Sheet Curtain to meet Seal Innovations contamination requirements. The PVC curtains were chemical resistant and UV stabilised to protect surrounding areas from water and chemical contamination.

Seal Innovations were pleased with the Sonic Clear Sheet Curtains, commenting they worked well for the application.

Sonic Clear Sheet Curtains are used along with Flexshield PVC strip doors and swing doors for effective cross-contamination prevention. These products are used to control dust, noise, humidity, temperature, weather, fumes, flying insects and other forms of contamination.

Flexshield Contamination Control products are suitable for many applications including:

  • Sensitive equipment rooms
  • Parts storage
  • Tool rooms
  • Food manufacture
  • Medical facilities
  • Washrooms
  • Aviation
  • High-end industry
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Other areas requiring clean rooms

Flexshield PVC curtains are custom made to suit our customer’s unique needs. Contact us with your contamination problems and Flexshield will be quick to manufacture and supply. PVC curtains are available with an easy-installation kit and instructions, or alternately Flexshield can arrange to install on-site.