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Sonic System acoustic modular panel as a wall lining

Maximising industrial efficiency with advanced noise control solutions

4 key products for addressing industrial noise In industrial facilities,...

4 key products for addressing industrial noise

In industrial facilities, the need for productivity often conflicts with the machinery-generated noise which is intrinsic to operations. The combined sound of compressors, stamping presses, and other machinery can reach ear-splitting levels, affecting both the process’s efficiency and workers’ wellbeing. Yet the availability of advanced industrial noise control solutions can provide a sense of relief, offering a harmonious balance between productivity and order.

Understanding industrial noise

Industrial noise isn’t merely an inconvenience; it’s a significant occupational hazard. Exposure to high levels of noise can cause hearing loss, communication barriers, reduced productivity, and psychological stress. However, with the right noise control measures, these challenges can be effectively mitigated, providing a sense of security for industrial professionals.

The arsenal of available noise control solutions

Flexshield has been at the forefront of revolutionising noise control in industrial settings. For example, we have implemented sound curtains in manufacturing plants, reducing the noise from machinery by 26 decibels.

Some of Flexshield’s key solutions include:

1) Acoustic curtains

Versatile and effective, acoustic curtains shield against noise without hindering access to machinery. They’re the go-to solution for noisy equipment, from compressors to pumps.

2) Acoustic enclosures

Offering a modular steel-panel solution tailored to specific equipment and space requirements, acoustic enclosures are the ultimate in noise reduction. These enclosures provide top-tier sound control while maintaining essential ventilation and accessibility.

3) Sonic System acoustic modular panels

Sonic System acoustic panels offer a versatile, easy-to-install soundproofing solution for industrial environments. They are made of a composite material that effectively absorbs sound waves, reducing noise levels by up to 50 decibels.

Prefabricated and customisable to fit specific project requirements, these modular panels feature a simple clip-together system for effortless installation, covering large areas efficiently. Lightweight and fireproof, they can be used to create complete acoustic enclosures, mobile screens, dividing walls, and more.

With NATA-accredited test results for noise transmission loss and absorption, Sonic System panels ensure high performance and reliability. Suitable for various applications, including soundproof enclosures, engine test cells, and acoustic screens, Sonic System panels are available in various thicknesses and can be tailored to specific needs by Flexshield, offering a comprehensive soundproofing solution.

4) Sonic Access acoustic doors

The pinnacle of noise control in industrial environments, Flexshield’s Sonic Access soundproof doors boast NATA accreditation and tailored designs for various applications, including machine rooms, manufacturing facilities, and control rooms. The doors are water-resistant and airtight, offering guaranteed performance and high acoustic insulation.

With a slim 80mm profile and innovative SonicFix installation system, they ensure maximum noise reduction without bulkiness, providing a sleek and efficient solution. Available with customisable fittings and finishes, Sonic Access doors offer rapid, straightforward installation, making them an ideal choice for any industrial noise control need.

Customised noise control solutions for maximum impact

What sets leading noise control providers apart is their commitment to providing tailor-made solutions. For instance, Flexshield’s acoustic enclosures are meticulously crafted to meet specific needs, integrating premium products like Sonic Access acoustic doors and Sonic System modular panels. This level of customisation allows industrial professionals to choose the best solutions for their unique noise control needs.

Why prioritise noise reduction?

The benefits of industrial noise reduction extend beyond compliance; they encompass enhanced concentration, improved work quality, and increased safety.

What’s more, investing in noise control measures can lead to significant environmental benefits. For instance, noise control solutions can reduce the energy consumption of equipment by improving their efficiency, thereby contributing to sustainability. And by prioritising noise control, businesses protect their workforce and optimise operational efficiency and environmental performance.

Get expert advice on the right noise control solutions

Noise control is a vital consideration in the relentless pursuit of industrial efficiency. By harnessing advanced solutions like sound curtains, enclosures, and acoustic doors, businesses can create environments where productivity soars and workers thrive.

Flexshield is leading the charge towards quieter, safer, more efficient industrial landscapes.

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