Portable Wash Bays for Heavy Equipment

Having a business that relies on heavy equipment can be a challenge in many ways, especially in the cleaning and maintenance department.

This article looks to answer three frequently asked questions on portable wash bays for heavy equipment, and how some clever, cost-effective solutions from Flexshield can not only keep your equipment clean, but your workplace tidy, safe, compliant, and even more efficient.

What are portable wash bays for heavy equipment?

When talking about portable wash bays for heavy equipment, there are typically two types that are considered. 

The first type of portable wash bays are modular, self-contained constructions that can be assembled and disassembled indoors or outdoors as required on site. These are commonly made with galvanised steel sheets and include decks, walls, ramps, and sometimes roofs. 

The second type of portable wash bay is the type we offer here at Flexshield and involves the installation of heavy-duty sliding or fixed sheet wash bay screens. Available as completely clear or coloured, these screens are corrosion resistant, easy to maintain, and most importantly, very effective at preventing washing overspray from entering clean workspaces. 

Benefits of portable wash bays for heavy equipment 

The obvious benefit of wash bay screens is in stopping splashes and promoting a cleaner, safer workplace for not only workers, but the environment as well. Cleaning down heavy equipment can involve the use of harsh cleaning agents and portable wash bays play a key role in containing effluent so that it can be properly treated instead of running off into drains and other sensitive areas.

When it comes to benefits, the slidable, portable function of these products can’t be ignored either. Not every business has ample room to set up an area dedicated solely to cleaning, especially if you’re moving around large, bulky pieces of heavy machinery and equipment. The use of screens that can be quickly deployed or retracted gives workplaces like these a great deal of flexibility for how they use their precious floor space.  

In addition to those benefits, portable wash bays for heavy equipment of this type can reduce the movement of dust, noise and fumes, and the clear screens help promote natural light flow and keep visibility high for workers.

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Who can use portable wash bays for heavy equipment?

Portable wash bay screens and curtains are not only for heavy equipment cleaning, they’re also ideal for car dealerships and detailers, and just about any other business where a simple, easy, versatile solution to splash or anti-contamination is required.

As with all our industrial noise and contamination control products, we have the ability to customise our portable wash bays to suit exact size and environment requirements, and, once a solution has been chosen, are able to quickly manufacture and supply. 

With that in mind, our portable wash bays can meet the needs of many industries and applications, including:

  • Mechanical workshops
  • Construction sites
  • Mine sites
  • Truck & bus fleets
  • Quarantine and container wash down
  • Farms and animal wash downs
  • Manufacturing facilities

Contact us for more information about our portable wash bays. For a detailed assessment and consultation, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969 or contact us online.


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