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Welders Flash Prevention Infographic

Symptoms and prevention of welder’s flash.

Find out what you can do.

A flash burn is caused by bright ultraviolet (UV) light such as from a welding torch. It can potentially cause severe pain for your employees.  

Welders Flash, also referred to as 'Arc Eye', is a prevalent concern among individuals who work with UV light, particularly welders. This condition manifests as a painful inflammation of the cornea - the transparent tissue that overlays the front of the eye - akin to experiencing sunburn in the eye. Welders Flash has the potential to impact both of your eyes, causing significant discomfort and posing a risk to vision. It's essential to recognise and mitigate this risk to maintain optimal eye health.

In this downloadable checklist, the Flexshield team look at the symptoms of welder’s flash, and importantly, what you can do at your business to prevent it.

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