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noise control for construction sites

The 7 Steps to Noise Control for Construction Sites

How to protect workers from harmful noise The combination of...

How to protect workers from harmful noise

The combination of machinery found on construction sites makes them some of the noisiest working environments.

Pile driving, heavy vehicles, earthmoving machinery, generators and compressors, and power tools all contribute to raising dB(A) emissions to hazardous levels and make noise control on construction sites extremely difficult.

It’s easy to see why Australian construction workers submit more hearing loss compensation claims than any other industry.


What levels of Noise exposure are construction site employees subjected to?

Workers on construction sites are often subject to continuously loud and noisy environments, and by law, employers must protect them.

In Australia, the National Code of Practice for Noise Management stipulates that a worker’s exposure to noise cannot be more significant than 85 dB for more than 8 hours per day/shift; nor can they be exposed to peak noise that is louder than 140 dB.

Importantly, there are 7 methods employers can utilise to control noise and protect workers on construction sites.


How to optimise noise control on construction sites:

1) Elimination

Removing the source of the noise completely.

2) Substitution

Employing alternate construction techniques.

3) Isolation

Using noise control products such as baffles and attenuators.

4) Equipment selection

Choosing the quietest makes and models on the market.

5) Engineering controls

Both at the source and in the transmission path, via acoustic curtains, doors & louvres, noise barriers and acoustic enclosures.

6) Quiet work practices

Such as putting a time limit on noisy periods, and

7) Administrative control

With management making a concerted effort to reduce construction workers’ noise exposures.

Flexshield has worked on many construction sites projects and has provided noise control solutions that combine efficiency with ease of installation.

The solutions we provide for the construction industry often have both environmental and occupational benefits.


Arrange on on-site consultation from Flexshield

To help control noise on your construction site, contact the noise control specialists Flexshield to arrange an on-site consultation. A site visit entails:

  • Visiting your construction site to discuss your issues and identify the source of the noise.
  • Taking detailed noise readings and provide a written report.
  • Suggesting practical solutions that will reduce or eliminate the offending noise.
  • Ensuring that your site complies with all Government and Workplace Safety laws.

To book your on-site consultation contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969 or download our construction product catalogue.