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Flexshield Sonic Curtain

The Efficacy of Noise Reduction Curtains

The use of noise reduction curtains is efficient in helping...

The use of noise reduction curtains is efficient in helping managing environmental noise. In essence, the sound made, by road works and pipe or cable installation works, which can severely impact activities of those living and working in the vicinity of these sites.

The operations of a drilling contractor for electrical service in Brisbane was under review due to excessive noise. The installation of noise reducing curtains, supplied by Flexshield, successfully helped the contractor manage the noise its drilling activities generated.

At the request of a utility company, the drilling contractor had begun drilling operations in a residential street. It aimed to drill lines through which electrical wires would eventually go. The noise generated by the drill rig and other onsite equipment used by the drilling contractor, including a power generator and an air compressor was creating excessive noise.

The residents of the area did not take kindly to the noise generated. They submitted official complaints to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the noise. Upon the submission of these complaints, the EPA needs to act; in an official visit to the drilling site, it conducted noise tests to determine the precise level of noise the drilling was generating. Eventually, the EPA determined that the noise levels caused were higher than the allowable limits.

Consequently, the EPA ordered the drilling contractor to cease operations until the installation of a solution. While this solution managed to meet the needs of the residents, it did not work for the drilling contractor, nor the utility company.

The drilling contractor set up a temporary fence and contacted Flexshield to request a solution that would allow the contractor to continue to work without bothering the residents of the area. Within hours of the initial consultation, Flexshield prepared a batch of its Sonic Curtains — individual noise reduction curtains tailor-made to counter environmental and industrial noise.

These curtains are installed either partially or entirely around noise sources. Their primary use is as soundproof barriers or enclosures around industrial equipment and machinery.

Upon delivery of the curtains to the site, the drilling contractor rapidly installed them on the fence, and the EPA returned to the site to recheck the noise levels. This time, with this noise reduction solution installed, the noise generated by the drilling operation was deemed satisfactory by the EPA, which consequently gave the drilling contractor permission to continue with its work.

Furthermore, a resident in the area also expressed satisfaction with the improvements brought about by the installation of the noise reduction curtains, saying that the levels of noise are at a less distracting level.

The results prove the efficiency of state-of-the-art noise reduction solutions such as these — construction and earthworks can go on with minimal impact upon the surrounding community.

All Flexshield products are custom designed to achieve your desired outcome and comply with industry standards download the Flexshield product catalogue to learn more about or noise control solutions or contact our expert team.