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Flexshield welding curtains for Modsel R & D area

Durable Welding Bays and Screens for Improved Workplace Safety

Welding curtains and screens no longer need to be a...

Welding curtains and screens no longer need to be a consumable item. Thanks to the durable Weldflex™ Strip Curtain from Flexshield, welding curtains are now sturdier and safer, providing more protection for workers and improving workplace safety.

Traditional welding sheet curtains tend to be quite flimsy and fragile and are notorious for tearing or burning. Using traditional welding sheet curtains means additional replacement costs, as well as compromised workplace safety for workers.

By comparison, Flexshields Weldflex™ Strip Curtains are exceptionally durable. The strips on each curtain are 2mm thick, and the welding screen sheets are 1mm thick, this provides additional resistance to accidental tearing or burning.

If an accident does occur, if one particular strip should become damaged, it’s quick and easy to remove and replace the damaged piece without needing to replace the entire welding curtain.

Weldflex™ Strip Curtains are ideal for replacing old traditional sheet curtains used in most welding bays and screens. The reduced level of maintenance and replacement required makes them a highly cost-effective solution for on-site or workshop use.

The professional team at Flexshield have been manufacturing, supplying and installing welding curtains, acoustic doors, noise control barriers, sound-proofing and noise control solutions for over ten years. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is only second to their dedication to providing the best quality solution for each application.

All welding screens are different. Download the Welding Screen Product Safety Advice now.