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5 Considerations when Designing the Ideal Custom Control Room

Tips to ensure the best result for your industrial facility...

Tips to ensure the best result for your industrial facility

When operating noisy and dusty factories, industrial employers must provide a safer and more comfortable environment for their employees. In turn, this helps to increase employee motivation and productivity.

A custom designed control room can help provide increased safety and comfort. An excellent industrial noise control provider such as Flexshield will assess the situation, understand the business’s individual needs, know the industry standards, and offer an exclusive solution in terms of design and performance required.

Based on their investigations, the noise control provider may endorse a control room as a solution. Here are five steps to consider when designing the ideal control room for your industrial facility.


1) Ensure the right soundproofing and reverberation control system

Noise levels in your factory will vary considerably according to the different types of machinery. That’s why determining the soundproofing required to comply with standards needs input from an industrial noise control specialist.

The control room and enclosure manufacturer can help you measure noise levels and design the soundproofing system needed. Alternatively, you can engage an acoustic engineer to complete modelling and recommendations for your particular factory.


2) Set up positive air pressure and air filtration

Dust and chemicals can lead to respiratory and health problems. Health professionals recommend keeping control rooms under positive pressure to ensure airflow out of the room rather than into the room. This means that when the control room door is opened, the air is more likely to move out of the room and prevent factory contaminated air from entering.

If chemical hazards, dust, and odours are factors, adding a filtration system is an option for your control room. To control humidity and temperature, you might need an HVAC system – which is particularly crucial in labs where high precision control is required.


3) Avoid on-site handling and disruption

If you don’t have time to waste with intrusive construction sites in your factory, modular panels might be your best option.

Modular panels feature factory-integrated services such as electricity, telephone and cables within the panels. This offers a distinct advantage by reducing on-site risks and disturbance, and the need for electricians.

To further minimise downtime, prefabricated modular panels can be shipped to site, or the entire control room can be pre-assembled and delivered directly to your plant for a “plug and play” solution.


4) Look for durability to withstand extreme industrial conditions

Durability is an essential criterion for control rooms due to the extreme environmental conditions which are commonly present in industrial facilities, such as:

  • Corrosive environments
  • Extreme temperature
  • High humidity
  • Extreme levels of air-latent particulates, and
  • Excessive vibrations.

When researching a control room, ensure the option you are reviewing is an industrial-grade, heavy-duty product made of galvanised 16 gauge steel. All materials used should also be non-combustible.

An excellent industrial control room supplier will pay special attention to ensuring waterproofing, airtightness and corrosion resistance.


5) Facilitate future renovations with a flexible design

In business, change is a constant – and can happen quickly. The decision you make today could ease the stress of reconfiguration in the future.

For example, what if in five years your business doubles its staff, and needs to expand its control room space as Australian Paper did? Or perhaps you’ll need to move your production to another location?

By opting for a modular building, you won’t have to discard your new control room and start from scratch when business circumstances change. The engineered design of control rooms allows for reuse and reconfiguration.


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