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Sub Station acoustic doors

Quality Acoustic Doors from Flexshield

Whether one needs to keep the noise in or out,...

Whether one needs to keep the noise in or out, acoustic doors manufactured by Flexshield are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications, from industrial to commercial.

Noise pollution has become a serious concern with some calling it the plague of the 21st century. This fact is understandable, considering the full range of health and psychological problems that can arise as a result of long term exposure to high levels of noise.

These health and psychological impacts are why companies must employ sound barrier solutions to keep noise at manageable levels and to protect their employees and the public. Additionally, in many cases sound barrier solutions are a necessity because noise pollution requirements are set by the Environment Protection Act 1997 and its accompanying Environment Protection Regulation 2005. In other words, to be able to operate legally, a company has to ensure the noise levels are within limits stipulated by the law.

To adhere to noise level standards often means significant investment for any company, mainly if their activities cause a high level of noise pollution. However, there are plenty of quality noise control solutions available.

Flexshield has been designing and manufacturing noise barrier solutions, including acoustic doors for many years. They have a wide range of products for a variety of applications, and their acoustic door sets are second to none.

The Flexshield “Sonicfix” concept, for example, is a unique sound barrier concept that makes installation simple. This acoustic door set is one hundred per cent ready to install as soon as it is delivered. In moments, one can seal off the noise source and lower sound pollution significantly.

Flexshield acoustic doors are known for their durability, their ability to provide insulation as well as their smart appearance. Thanks to Flexshield’s extensive experience and knowledge as well as their commitment to complete customer satisfaction, many companies are enjoying the benefits of excellent quality sound barrier solutions at great prices.

Flexshield is a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise control solutions, including soundproof doors and soundproof enclosures. They have been in operation since 2003. Their extensive experience and dedication to top quality products and services have made them one of the most sought after suppliers of soundproofing solutions in the market.

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