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Acoustic Screening

Acoustic Screens for Rooftop Chillers and Plant Decks

Flexshield, Australia’s noise control specialists, are often called upon to...

Flexshield, Australia’s noise control specialists, are often called upon to provide acoustic screens for soundproofing rooftop chillers and plant decks. We design and supply systems incorporating Noise BarriersNoise Walls and Acoustic Louvres.

Chillers and plant decks are notoriously noisy as there rarely are any natural barriers to absorb the sound, or nearby walls and fences to block it. They were top of mind when we were writing our eBook: “The 3 Biggest Workplace Noise Mistakes and How to Fix Them“.

Chillers, with their tendency to kick in and out, can be particularly loud and disruptive.

Consequently, a lot of thought goes into attenuating and remediating noise from these large HVAC units.

Each rooftop acoustic screen project design is unique.

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to rooftop noise barriers; each needs to be specially customised.

For example, a steady tonal noise, even at a low dB level, can be annoying; in fact, it can evoke as many complaints as a far louder irregular noise.


Rooftop Acoustic Screens for every application

That’s where Flexshield’s experience and innovation come to the fore.

Working from a roof layout plan and plant deck plan, and with access to elevations and an acoustic report (if available), we can design the perfect noise barriers incorporating things such as full steel surrounds, soundproof baffles and acoustic louvres.

A system like this will allow for exceptional noise reduction, yet still allow the chillers, generators, etc. to be ventilated and release any built-up heat and fumes.

Our acoustic screens design is to facilitate day-to-day operation, and to make maintenance and repairs quicker and easier, with convenient access points.

Be it new construction or refurbishment, and they are guaranteed to keep all those with a vested interest happy; to adhere to WHS legislation.

And don’t forget to download our resource detailing the 3 most common workplace noise mistakes and how to overcome them.

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