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Minimising Industrial Noise with PVC Products

Solutions to protect your employees and the community Industrial noise...

Solutions to protect your employees and the community

Industrial noise presents significant concerns in the workplace and surrounding areas. Employers are discovering the benefits of reducing noise levels by installing engineered noise control solutions.

Benefits of noise control include:

  • a significant improvement in the mental and physical health of employees
  • improving relationships with the broader community, and
  • increased productivity.

Flexshield offers a wide range of solutions, including PVC door curtains and other quality PVC products, which are all put through rigorous 3rd party NATA certified testing. This ensures they have an excellent rating for effective noise control.

NATA (the National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation certifies Flexshield’s overall compliance with industry standards. NATA tests ensure we provide quality noise-reducing curtains.

There are different types of PVC noise control solutions available to aid your efforts in protecting your employees from industrial noise.

Welding curtains – sheet or strip

Flexshield WeldflexTM is ideal for use in welding applications. Weldflex has Kanga certification and protects employees, students and teachers against fumes and harmful radiation.

Combining WeldflexTM with V50, V25 or V100 acoustic panels creates a useful welding bay – improving the noise emitted from welding and grinding works AND offering protection of people using welding equipment.

WeldflexTM is indestructible – and if by chance an act of vandalism occurs, one strip is replaceable as opposed to the whole curtain.


PVC swing and strip doors

Both PVC swing doors and strip doors can separate areas without impacting visibility or functionality. While the primary purpose of PVC doors is reducing noise transfer between area, a PVC swing door will separate areas, stop vermin and pests, while allowing pedestrian and forklift traffic.

PVC Swing doors are available in a variety of textures and colours:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Clear
  • Red (welding)

A flat strip is ideal for swing doors and pedestrian traffic, while a ribbed strip works best when there is a combination of pedestrian and forklift traffic. The ribbed strip stops the piece sticking to the forklift or pallet and damaging the strip – increasing the length of time the product lasts.

SonicClear screens and barriers

SonicClear barriers and screens are ideal for segregating areas. This type of PVC screening offers a variety of solutions to users:

Tailor-made from high-quality PVC with anti-corrosive properties, SonicClear screens and barriers provide instant results in your workplace.

SonicClear screens and barriers work perfectly with a Flexshield acoustic enclosure. As with all Flexshield products, SonicClear screens and barriers are customisable to your industrial project.

Flexshield SonicClear screens are approved for use in:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Medical facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Grain facilities and
  • Chemical manufacturing

SonicClear PVC screens and barriers can be used for a variety of applications in the manufacturing, construction, mining/oil/gas, water and power generation industries.

PVC products come in a variety of thicknesses, and Flexshield cut them into different sizes as required for your project.

Contact Flexshield for information about PVC noise control products. For more information on any of Flexshield’s PVC products, contact us on 1300 799 969.